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AROS / compiler /

The C compiler for AROS. It contains include files, the source for amiga.lib and c.lib and the source for the compiler and all compiler specific utilities.


The source for the amiga.lib. This link library contains small utility functions which didn't made it into a shared library.


The source for aros.lib. This link library contains special functions which allow to write portable code.


The source for AROS' c.lib. This link library contains the standard ANSI C (and some more) library functions like printf(), strcpy(), etc.

The directory also contains the includes for ANSI C.


This directory contains all AROS specific includes as well as all Amiga includes which have been modified for AROS. Note that these files are searched *before* the files in amiga/include/. Most people will notice this when they compile some program which uses a function which has not yet been implemented in AROS. The compiler will complain about a function without a prototype despite the fact that it is in amiga/include/clib/*_protos.h. That's because it doesn't look there and if you ever get an error like this, have a look into include first.


The sources for autoinit.lib, a library that let's you forget about the initialization of whatever you want, opening and closing libraries included.

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