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AROS - The Amiga Research OS

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AROS / rom /

Things which are internal parts of the OS.


The BOOPSI system code. This is separated in order to use it during early startup before intuition.library has been initialised.


Various boot time code. bootstraps, bootmenu etc...


ROM devices, ie. devices which are not loaded from disk during runtime (eg. console.device).


The first library which is added to the OS by standard operations. Use this one as a starting point if you want to develop own libraries. Below is a list of interesting files.

All other files are functions of the library with one function per file. Each file contains an AutoDoc-like header and some extra infos which are needed by the scripts. If possible each file should also contain a test which can be enabled with -DTEST. See AROS/dos/filepart.c for a good example.


The source for the exec.library. This is no good starting point for own libraries since Exec is not initialized like other libraries and so some things are handled differently here. Exec relies on some files which are in $(KERNEL)/.


Sourcecode for the graphics.library. See dos/ above for more information.


The system independant parts of the HIDD system.


Sourcecode for the intuition.library. See dos/ above for more information.


Sourcecode for the utility.library. See dos/ above for more information.

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