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AROS - The Amiga Research OS

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2.12.2002AROS has gained a mascot, and a rather sexy one I must add.

See the images here.

So, Happy Birthday, Kitty!

Huge thanks go to Eric W. Schwartz for drawing her for us!

30.10.2002The AROS irc channels have now been moved to Freenode. You can connect here by using (it picks a random server) or find a server on

The Freenode net is also used by most open source projects, so we're hoping a lot of people who found it too much of a hassle to join us on EFnet will do it here.

This IRC net supports longer nicknames, nick registration and a lot of other things aswell.

The channel name is the same: #aros

Join #aros on today!

20.10.2002The AROS Snapshots are back!

That's right folks, since today you can download again the daily snapshots of the sources and binaries of AROS, here.

However, remember that the AROS team doesn't officially support these snapshots, they are given to you "as is", although bug reports are very welcome and should be submitted using the bug tracker, and patches should be submitted using the patch tracker.

14.9.2002We've been mentioned in a news item at OSNews.

Sebastian Heutling implemented an intuition-based boot menu on AROS/x86 native. You can now choose to boot with or without executing the startup-sequence. The plans for this menu also include enabling HIDD switching at boot time.

Georg Steger fixed some text formatting bugs in graphics.library. He also renamed con-handler to con.handler to be consistent, and implemented eac_MatchString/MatchFunc in ExAll (DOS). He added an assign HOME: in AROS/linux to point to the current user's home directory.

Adam Chodorowski started porting the Font Prefs to Zune.

3.9.2002Georg Steger implemented basic KingCON-like filename completion in Shell. He also added a font preview box to the font requester.

Martin "Mason" Merz has made even more icons for us! This time he's contributed with some icons for Prefs and Tools programs.

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