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AROS - The Amiga Research OS

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More Related

  • The AROS Public License This is basically the Mozilla Public License (MPL) with Mozilla replaced by AROS plus a small change which puts all files in the AROS tree under the license (no point in adding 23K of license to each file and what about binary files ?).
  • AROS on SourceForge You can find releases, snapshots and other stuff on this server.
  • Sebastians site with Disk Images The images here are mirrored on the AROS main site above.
  • Matt 'Crazy' Parsons Disk Images The images on this page are usually tested on several different PCs, so chances that they work for you are much higher
  • Mailing lists There are a couple of mailing lists for AROS. Follow the links to subscribe. Note that you must be member of the lists to be able to post (to avoid spam and the like).
    • AROS User This list is for users of AROS. Since there are not many users of AROS at this time, the volume on this list is very low. :-)
    • AROS Announce Subscribe to this list to be notified about all important news regarding AROS. The things posted here are the same as in the NEWS section of this site. Posting on this list is disabled.
    • AROS Dev The developer mailing list. Subscribe here if you want to join the development team. The volume is usually a couple of mails per day. Note that subscription on this list is not automatic. Every subscription request will be verified by the list admin.
  • AutoDocs Amiga AutoDocs in HTML format (automatically generated from AROS sources.
  • Source for the crypt tool You need this tool to create a password for CVS. If you trust us, here is a link to a binary for the Amiga . Otherwise, download the source and compile for yourself.
  • AROS for Amiga Here you can find a binary for the Amiga. You should not expect too much from these. These binaries are quite old and AROS behaves exactly like the AmigaOS, so you should not notice any difference when you install them.
  • UAE Here you can find the famous UAE which can run Amiga binaries (AROS can only run Amiga software for which you have the sources. Open Source rulez !).
  • FAQ about memory protection (in german). ( Local copy )
  • GeekGadgets Tools to compile AROS on the Amiga.



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