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Old News

30.8.2002Sebastian Bauer has been working on Wanderer, our file manager/Workbench clone. A limited set of features has been implemented, but browsing files can finally be done graphically in AROS!!! He also made a small test program for lwIP.

Martin "Mason" Merz has made some more icons. This time 4-color images for default icons.

Staf Verhaegen worked some more on Regina (the base for our AREXX). He added message handling support, and also a couple of functions (STATEF and SHOWDIR) to rexxsupport.library

Henrik Berglund ported the VBCC compiler to AROS.

Sebastian Heutling continued working on our HDToolBox. It now has a Zune user interface - and it works (if you know what you are doing that is).

Fabio Alemagna did some fixing in the filesystems and handlers. He also did some cleaning up in the startup code, and some extensions to our CLIB.

Georg Steger fixed an IDCMP_REFRESHWINDOW bug in intuition.library, and also a bug in C:Rename.

Stefan Berger did some more work on the Palm port.

Henning Kiel updated ABCM2PS to version 3.1.4.

A backdrop image called FuturisticBubbles was contributed by Alien / Paradox.

4.8.2002No, we aren't dead yet...

Since it's been such a long time since the last news update, I thought I'd just sum up the most significant updates since the last post here. We'll try to get the news updated a bit more frequently in the future.

First, some general news. We decided to go with Zune as our main GUI toolkit, so most of the prefs programs, tools and other things will be implemented in Zune.

Fabio Alemagna has started porting the GCC compiler, and extending our Clib a bit in the process. Currently the compiler and preprocessor work.

Paul "Smithy" Smith has been working on a Zune-based Workbench.

Ola "4pLaY" Jensen convinced Martin "Mason" Merz to make some icons for our Workbench, and also replacements for the gadget icons.

Sebastian Bauer and David le Corfec have been steadily working on Zune. They had some bugfixing/cleaning help from Georg Steger and Fabio Alemagna aswell.

Sebastian Bauer continued porting the lwIP stack. He implemented a bsdsocket.library, but unfortunately it doesn't compile on AROS yet.

Staf Verhaegen imported version 3.0 of Regina, and continued working on our "ARexx" implementation.

Stefan Berger did some more work on the Palm port.

Georg Steger worked on the input prefs program, adding a test string gadget for keyboard and various things in the mouse page. He also integrated back some clipboard changes from the MorphOS team, and added some IFF-ILBM country flag images for Locale prefs.

Adam Chodorowski fixed the startup-sequence so that the shell window isn't opened before IPrefs is run. The font settings now work. He also fixed various issues in the build system and cleaned up a lot of files.

Sebastian Heutling re-ported AmiCDROM, multiple drives and media change should now work properly.

And finally, Adam Chodorowski and Daniel Holmen have been working on something exciting. We won't tell you what it is yet, but you'll notice soon enough.

20.5.2002Staf Verhaegen continued to work on Regina, our replacement for ARexx. He also made the AROS build system more flexible by allowing our Makefile generator to add IDs to the some templates. This way, several versions of CFLAGS can be used in the same Makefile, for example.

Sebastian Bauer focused on the text.class of Zune and improved the list and image classes. There is now a simple cache for datatypes. The image class can now load pictures and brushes via datatypes. He also started to work on the Zune prefs program. You can already set the fonts with it and windows now have a background. To make NList classes work, he began to work on the MCC (MUI Custom Classes) API.

Adam Chodorowski fixed a bug in the build system (TARGET_ARCH should be AROS_TARGET_ARCH because the former is used in some implicit rules of GNU Make).

Georg Steger added lots of images of flags in IFF ILBM format of various countries to be used in the locale.library. He also worked on porting the NList MUI classes to AROS' Zune. Keyboard settings in the Input prefs should work now and he worked a bit on the Mouse prefs.

Henrik Berglund began porting the lwIP TCP/IP stack.

18.5.2002Before I turn to the other batch of news which has accumulated over the last month: Our machine is going to be moved once more and that means it's going to be unavailable for a few days (I guess you're already used to this; it happened once or twice every year :-)

So don't worry when doesn't work after 22.05.2002. It will be up again, soon.

10.5.2002Staf Verhaegen implemented some more ARexx functions: IMPORT, EXPORT, STORAGE, SHOW, PRAGMA and EXISTS. Our c.lib now supports on_exit().

Sebastian Bauer fixed some bugs in Zune to make more of AMosaic work.

Fabio Alemagna worked some more on the build system.

Georg Steger made Soliton work with IFF files because we now have an ilbm.datatype.

Stefan Berger continued to cleanup the usage of Sys-/DOSBase at various places in order to make AROS ROM-able.

David Le Corfec, a new developer, started to help with Zune. He wrote a small test program and implemented the vertical gauge.

2.5.2002Staf Verhaegen continued to work on RexxMast (RXADDFH, RXADDLIB and RXREMLIB work now). Some more ARexx structures were added. The list of available functions can be searched and it's possible to call AROS libraries directly from Rexx code.

Iain Templeton made some Makefiles more easy to use. He also commited lots of ANSI C header files or improved existing ones. Together with Adam Chodorowski, he solved a hen-and-egg problem with the new signal.h file: This file is included while compiling Exec. Unfortunately, Exec must be compiled with AROS header files except for this one place where we need to access the hosts' signal functions. After this change, many Makefiles had to be adjusted.

Sebastian Bauer rewrote all the necessary include files for MUI because we had to delete the exiting ones because they were copied from MUI38dev.

Adam Chodorowski merged our Python port with Python 2.2.1 and began porting Lua 4.0. From the README: Lua is a powerful, light-weight programming language designed for extending applications. Lua is also frequently used as a general-purpose, stand-alone language (Homepage).

Georg Steger made Lazymines compile again and worked some more on diskfont.library. If the native version is caught in a CPU trap, it will now print the CPU registers. He began to work on the ILBM datatype.

Fabio Alemagna updated the credits.

20.4.2002For your information: Stefan Stuntz, the original author of MUI, had contacted us to notify us that we had a file which was (almost) a verbatim copy from his MUI38dev.lha archive from Aminet. We removed that file by his request and wrote our own version. In the course of this event, Adam Chodorowski fixed the copyright notices of the Zune files to mention the original developer David Le Corfec, if we used his versions, and the AROS Development Team.

We hope that this unpleasant situation is now fixed by these actions. Please note that we really try to not use copyrighted files from other persons but errors do happen. If you see that we did steal work from someone else, please tell us so that we can ask for permission to use the file or remove it. Thanks :-)

Sebastian Heutling fixed bugs in HDToolBox.

Adam Chodorowski made sure the correct Startup-Sequence is used when building for CDROM image or for floppy.

Staf Verhaegen fixed more compiler warnings. Regina can now send RexxMsgs to Amiga message ports. He wrote a simple RexxMast which provides the REXX MessagePort and is now adding the usual functionality to this program.

Henning Kiel made sure that the Solaris port doesn't break the nightly builds. RABLe, a small paint program, compiles now. He also fixed many compiler warnings.

Fabio Alemagna added datatypes.library the list of libraries which are automatically opened if needed. There is also now some support for crosscompiling AROS (currently only used to feed some useful options to GCC). He used his new tool to make gtlayout compile.

Georg Steger made demowin work again and began working on bullet (outline) routines. diskfont.library now kicks unused fonts out of the system if the memory gets low. We now have AbortAslRequest().

Daniel Holmen worked a bit on our NVidia.hidd.

Sebastian Bauer worked on the popasl Zune class which now partly works.

16.4.2002Georg Steger improved diskfont.library and AMosaic.

Matt Parsons fixed mistakes in the user docs.

Fabio Alemagna fixed compiler warnings in the asl.library and the timer.resource.

Sebastian Bauer continued to work on Zune.

Henning Kiel fixed many MetaTargets (used by the mmake building tool).

Iain Templeton imported a new version of the m.lib (math link library).

Adam Chodorowski started to port AROS to the Solaris platform!

Sebastian Heutling fixed a bug which prevented AROS to boot from the CD image.

13.4.2002Sebastian Heutling added direct SCSI command support to the IDE driver and AddBootNode() now works. Bootable partitions are now checked and added in the boot-strap code using the partition.library. He also added a new tool called HDTool which installer scripts can use to find out potential install hard disks, potential install partitions or modify the partition table from a script (for example for an automated setup which needs to prepare a harddrive for AROS). The bootblock installer for AROS i386/Native now uses grubs stage2 preset-menu feature and some other cleanups.

Johan Grip enhanced the serial debug option in configure which now reads --with-serial-debug=(1|2|no), allowing you to select COM1 or COM2 or no debugging.

Georg Steger improved the way the bitmap depths are handled at various places and fixed some debug code. The MUI-game "Soliton" was ported to AROS by him.

Staf Verhaegen fixed a bug in the setup of rexxsyslib.library and cleaned many compiler warnings.

Sebastian Bauer and Georg Steger continued to work on Zune.

Sebastian Bauer ported MUIMine, a mine-sweeper clone.

Henning Kiel worked a bit on the workbench.library and LoadWB(). The installer now knows "exists".

10.4.2002Thanks to Fabio Alemagna, the shell window which gets opened when you use "Execute Command" now stays open until you close it so you can actually use it.

Staf Verhaegen worked some more on RexxSysLib.library.

Georg Steger implemented PGA_NotifyBehaviour and PGA_RenderBehaviour in gadget.class. The behaviour of the propg.class can now be configured with this to behave like on the Amiga or in a "nice" way. The default (if you don't specify anything) is "nice". The GUI of Font prefs was improved. Many bugs in diskfont.library were fixed. There will soon be a program to convert TrueType fonts into Amiga/AROS bitmap fonts to use them with diskfont.library without having to convert them (ie. you can open these fonts in all sizes without having .font files for them on disk). A bug in ReadArgs() (the flags /K/A didn't work correctly) was fixed, too.

Matt Parsons updated the AROS User Guide. Some debug statements in the screen blanker were removed. Our LoadWB has now an About menu item which prominently shows the names of the AROS developers. Credit where credit is due :-)

Henning Kiel, Fabio Alemagna and Georg Steger ... helped ... Matt with LoadWB ;-) (Note: That's an internal joke and only for the records... ahem).

Did you notice? No Zune in the last post. Of course, Sebastian Bauer wasn't idling around. He just didn't commit :-)

Sebastian Heutling added a program to install GRUB with RDB support.

6.4.2002Henning Kiel added a very simple Workbench. No Icons and stuff, only a window with a menu where you can open a New Shell or execute a command.

Georg Steger worked a bit on our FreeType support. He also added a workaround for scrolling damage in MultiView which didn't work correctly because GMORE_SCROLLRASTER is not fully implemented yet in AROS. And a bug in Font prefs was fixed. Some changes by the MorphOS team to our GadTools.library were merged into our sources.

Staf Verhaegen continued to fill RexxSysLib.library with code.

Fabio Alemagna fixed bugs in MoveRaster(). Also the code to automatically detach a program from the shell has new features: The code can now tell the detacher to wait for a signal before it actually does its thing (so you can do some error checking first and detach only if everything was successful) and you can specify the name of the new process. IPrefs and LoadWB use these features, now. CON: windows opened with AUTO will now close themselves on EOF.

Sebastian Heutling continued to work on HDToolBox and the partition.library. Our patch to GRUB can now read RDBs, too, and there is no space after the filename if you use tab-completion, anymore.

Matt Parsons added LoadWB to S:Startup-Sequence.

Iain Templeton fixed a couple of small bugs.

Adam Chodorowski added a completely functional virus scanner to AROS (well, in a mathematical sense, at least: Since there are no virii on AROS, it just prints 'Scanning ... No viruses were found!' ;-)

Henning Kiel did some cleanups.

1.4.2002We are currently in the process of designing a very valuable API which will help to convince Windows users to change to AROS: The virus.library. The new API will allow you to conveniently crash the computer at random intervals, delete all files on the harddisk or only those which the user did create (allows for plugins so the various programs can register these files) and send viruses to all your friends.

There will be a prefs item to disable the library so power users will not need to worry about all this and PC lusers get that irritating feeling that they seem to need that their work can get lost at any time.

Georg Steger worked on some bugs in the graphics.library. He also helped porting AMosaic.

Sebastian Bauer did the Zune :-) He also made our port of AMosaic compile on Amiga with Zune (our MUI rewrite).

Henning Kiel fixed a bug which broke the nightly build.

Iain Templeton improved the code in utility.library to pack/unpack structure tags and fixed a lot of header files if AROS is compiled with USE_CPAK=no and source file where headers were not included correctly.

Sebastian Heutling worked some more in HDToolBox. A bug in the cycle gadgets was found by him and fixed. Our partition.library has now support to read and write RDBs! He also back-ported our HDToolBox to the Amiga. Our code can now even read PC formatted HDs on the Amiga (i.e. it knows MBRs and RDBs!). Now, are we cool or what?

Staf Verhaegen started working on the RexxSysLib.library.

29.3.2002Sebastian Bauer added lots of code to Zune (our Open Source MUI clone). Soliton can now be played. He also imported the NList sources and made them work on Amiga. Porting this to AROS is being done in the next few days.

Fabio Alemagna fixed a bug in the code which tries to identify the version of the GCC which is being used.

Henning Kiel added makedir and execute to our version of the Installer. And he fixed more compile problems in AMosaic. AMosaic compiles, now, but doesn't do much as of yet. The build tools which are used to compile AROS from source are now also compiled for AROS itself. These can then be used in our furure development environment. We now have stpsym(), stccpy(), tmpnam() (c.lib)

Georg Steger fixed a bug in the BuildEasyRequestArgs() which failed when images were used in the buttons. He also committed ModifyIcon, a little tool by Dirk Stoecker, which can load and save old style, NewIcon, 3.5 icons without using icon.library. We can use code in it to add 3.5/NewIcon icon support to our icon.library. And he improved some build issues with Zune.

Sebastian Bauer does the Zune ;-) He uses the Maxon compiler on the Amiga which has resource tracking to fix the memory leaks (or should I say, he plugs them? ;-)

Staf Verhaegen worked some more in our ARexx interpreter Regina.

Adam Chodorowski adds Package-Startup and Package-Shutdown scripts to all packages like Zune and BGUI which set the correct paths, etc. These can then be used when setting up these packages during boot. The shutdown script removes all created assigns, paths, etc.

Sebastian Heutling committed a test program for the partition.library.

24.3.2002Henning Kiel made it possible that you can compile AROS for several targets at once without a "make clean" in between. Some more errors when building AMosaic were fixed.

Sebastian Bauer continued to work on Zune :-)

Fabio Alemagna improved the C:Path command.

Georg Steger added the semaphore.class to Zune, the bitmap.class and the bodychunk.class.

Staf Verhaegen updated string formatting for random numbers in Regina.

21.3.2002Sebastian Heutling made the partition.library update the MBR when it should.

Adam Chodorowski fixed a path in the makefiles for BGUI. Everything is not installed under SYS:Contrib/BGUI/. He also fixed some paths in Zune (Open Source MUI clone).

Sebastian Bauer continued to work on Zune (sounds like nothing but in fact, most of the commits in the last days are from him :-) If he continues to work at this pace, we'll have Zune tackled before summer!

Henning Kiel made more files from AMosaic compile on AROS. Also Zune will now copy its header files into the correct places and programs which depend on them can use the usual include paths and need not use Zune's private headers.

Staf Verhaegen added ARexx formats to the DATE function of Regina.

Georg Steger made WriteChunkyPixels()/WritePixelArray8() do nothing on hi-/truecolor screens if there is no LUT. The gfx.hidd now supports the method HIDD_BM_PutImageLUT() which fixes a bug in the PPM datatype. There is now also a HIDD_BM_GetImageLUT() method and some bugs in picture.datatype were fixed. Image handling of images passed to gadgets with GA_Image is now handled as on the Amiga.

17.3.2002A screenshot of a test Zune (Open Source MUI clone) application has been added to the screenshots page.

Check it out!

Fabio Alemagna improved locale.library and added some code to the init file for GDB to help debugging AROS. He also fixed a couple of bugs when compiling Zune for AROS. And the macro AROS_ALMOST_COMPATIBLE (which activates some nice, handy macros) is not necessary, anymore. This means that you either must not use these macros for when you write something that should work on the Amiga or you must copy them into an extra header file.

Henning Kiel added some more options to configure (--enable-cpak and --enable-debug).

Sebastian Bauer worked some more on Zune.

Georg Steger fixed a bug in the makefile for UAE and in notify of Zune. He also made the code which handles mutual exclude menu items work more closely like the Amiga original and rewrote BltMaskBitMapRastPort().

Staf Verhaegen made the STRIP function accept more than one character.

Adam Chodorowski added a file BUILDING which contains instructions how to build AROS from sources where INSTALL should focus more on installing a binary distribution.

Henrik Berglund added AMosaic (a web browser) to out contrib tree. Henning Kiel started to port it to AROS.

Stefan Berger continued to work on his Palm(tm) port of AROS. There is now an irq.- and a serial.hidd.

Johan Grip fixed a bug in the IDE driver.

13.3.2002Stefan Berger and Georg Steger are working on the Palm port. It already boots xcopilot and POSE off a ROM image and displays some windows at incredible speeds: The Screen bars's title "Workbench Screen" is drawn at 5 sec. per char ;-). Obviously the graphics driver needs some improvement - right now, everything is done only via PutPixel() and GetPixel().

Zune is steadily but constantly improving, thanks to Sebastian Bauer. Much more classes are done and working now! Zune is being developed on AmigaOS, rather than AROS, and this means two important things:

1. the AROS compatibility with the AmigaOS API is tested and improved

2. Soon AmigaOS will get an Open Source clone of MUI :)

10.3.2002Henning Kiel has changed the build system so that you can have multiple targets in one tree. Also different host configurations in one tree are now supported.

Sebastian Heutling has committed his new partition.library and a new HDToolBox which uses the library to access/modify the partition table.

9.3.2002Iain Templeton fixed init() functions of the libraries to use proper macros for arguments.

Stefan Berger implemented Clib's sig#?set() functions.

Adam Chodorowski merged in the latest Python 2.2 sources.

27.2.2002Georg Steger fixed a possible deadlock in intuition. He also added Mouse Wheel support to AROS which can be seen in More, ASL requesters and JanoEditor, for example. Text() now respects kerning for monospace fonts. Next, he began porting freedom, a truetype font engine which complies to the Bullet API.

Sebastian Bauer continued to work on Zune. Drag&Drop works now.

David Somerton worked some more on his PASCAL compiler.

Adam Chodorowski began porting Python 2.2 to AROS.

Iain Templeton fixed a bug in the build of AROS Native/x86 (the tar archive which contains the initial file system was created with the wrong options).

Staf Verhaegen added more ARexx-specific stuff to Regina.

22.2.2002Sebastian Bauer continued to work on Zune (Open Source GUI framework compatible with MUI). It compiles and a few classes actually do something useful.

Staf Verhaegen did implement the div() and ldiv() C functions.

Henning Kiel added a couple of stub functions in c.lib so makedepend compiles on AROS. Makedepend is now part of the default build. Also, he worked a bit on the GNU tools ports.

Georg Steger fixed a couple of bugs in the code which gets and puts images (bitmaps) and closed a few holes in Zune. He fixed a deadlock in intuition, made scrolling with the arrow keys in More useful (did scroll at insane speeds) and fixed a notification issue in MultiView.

David Somerton fixed a bug in nasm and added a test-program to test if it works. There is a now a script which generates the assembler bindings for the AROS libraries.

18.2.2002Henning Kiel fixed the copying of the README file for the Native/x86 build.

Staf Verhaegen implemented more internal ARexx functions (B2C and C2B) and updated the TODO list for Regina.

Sasu Purola has committed FreePascal, a PASCAL compiler. It's m68k only for now.

Georg Steger fixed handling of drag/resize gadgets. Custom replacements for these gadgets should work, now. Also, the demos for BGUI should work again (they were not linked against all necessary libraries). He optimized MoveSizeLayer() a bit and fixed a couple of bugs in hyperlayers.library. AttemptSemaphoreShared() works, now, and some small things in text.class, ascii.class and the palette requester of ReqTools were fixed.

David Somerton made the console more compatible with what the RKRM says and optimized handling of linefeeds. He also ported GNU flex which is necessary for the GNU binutils.

Sebastian Bauer enhanced our text.datatype. Now supports proportional fonts properly and marking multiple lines is nicer plus some bugfixes. Also, MultiView will now pop up a filerequester if the argument is a directory.

Adam Chodorowski fixed more problems in the OpenBSD build, improved the standard Startup-Sequence and created one for the bootable CD-ROM version (which you can find on the SourceForge pages, *hint hint*). Also, since Python 2.2 is now out, he did update our version.

12.2.2002Adam Chodorowski fixed a compiler warning and added another RFC about homedirs (actually, a verbatim copy of

Staf Verhaegen fixed some warnings in Regina and started implementing the ARexx functions.

Georg Steger updated JanoEditor and improved AllocBitMap() and some BOOPSI functions in Intuition. Also, thanks to him, C:List is now finished. A bug in NameFromLock() was fixed by him, too.

Stefan Berger made some changes to his Palm port to work with the new build process. Mungwall must be inactive for the Palm port and AROS gets more RAM and Stack on Palm.

Iain Templeton and Henning Kiel made AROS compile once more in FreeBSD.

David Somerton began porting bfd.lib and binutils. Maybe there will be a development kit on AROS Native/x86, soon ?

Henning Kiel made the nightly build script work with the new build process.

Emmanuel Lesueur fixed a typo in DisplayBeep().

Michael Schulz began on working on an accelerated driver for nVidia. Drawing filled rectangles works well, now, rest will work, too, soon.

Johan Alfredsson fixed a bug with the count of the number of blocks in C:List.

Fabio Alemagna fixed a bug in close().

9.2.2002Stefan Berger continued to work on AROS Native/Dragonball (Palm, that is :-) He mostly cleaned things and made them more similar to the way AROS Native/x86 does it.

Georg Steger fixed a bug in the build of UAE (cpuopti doesn't like the additional code generated when the assembler files are created with -g). He added a script called "startsomedemos" which starts nine (9!) demos and places them on the screen in such a way that you can see all of them (more of less if you have only 800x600). On a 1.4GHz Athlon all nine run pretty smoothly :-) To achieve this, he added options to all demos to specify where they should open their windows. And, most importantly, AROS windows on X11 have now their own icon!

Adam Chodorowski began moving the generated contrib files to SYS:Contrib/ (from C: or SYS:Utilities/).

Johan Alfredsson wrote AddVBlankInt() and RemVBlankInt() in the lowlevel.library.

Sebastian Heutling added a REMTAIL macro, fixed a lot of bugs in dos.library, and in related code. The targets for configure are now renamed. native-i386 has become pc-i386, pp-m68k has been added (Palm with Dragonball CPU). Many mmakefiles have been changed to use the new names.

Johan Grip changed some bits in the IDE driver to make BOCHS happy.

5.2.2002Johan Grip updated the PCI bus scanning algorithm. Only scans the present buses instead of all 256 now. It also has proper handling of multifunction devices. He also worked on fixing some bugs which make BOCHS frown upon AROS.

David Somerton improved linking in the macros in make.tmpl.

Georg Steger fixed a few bugs which made the nightly build fail and removed some globals in the x11.hidd. He also moved a lot of the code in config/hidd/* back into the graphics.library. He started to move the gfx function implementations out of graphics_driver.c back into the actual library functions. Finally, he found a solution to make the Opaque utility use MoveWindow() instead of ChangeWindowBox() without having these relative-coords problems and he improved the locking during refreshs by the app and intuition as the autodocs suggest.

Adam Chodorowski added a directory with RFCs (Requests for Comments). These documents are used in the internet to create new standards. They explain a problem and a solution which can be commented. This way, the solution is enhanced until it can be implemented properly. He also cleaned the contents files for the docs.

Stefan Berger made some improvements to his Palm port and began working on an IRQ.hidd. This does basically the same things as Exec but it will allow us to hide the ugly details of the hardware from Exec.

Iain Templeton removed the global debug flags and changed the autoconfig files to use the flags in make.opts as they should. He also fixed a 64bit bug in the c.lib.

1.2.2002Georg Steger fixed a bug in CopyBox of the gfx.hidd to omit a few pixels. He also tried to fix the bugs which prevent AROS from booting if you have two CD ROM drives.

David Somerton fixed a bug in the HexDump utility.

Henning Kiel fixed typos and updated the status.

Staf Verhaegen fixed a multithreading bug in Regina and various other bugs (cleanup is now always done, some memory was not freed correctly).

Aaron Digulla fixed the inter-page link generation of the web site.

Johan Grip worked some more on the pci.hidd.

Adam Chodorowski began porting AROS to OpenBSD/i386.

Michael Schulz released his first version of an nVidia driver and made good use of the pci.hidd with it. Georg Steger helped him to sort out some bugs.

27.1.2002It seems that you're out there are quite happy with our move to SourceForge. At least, there had been 475 downloads totalling to 4GB of bandwidth. I sure do hope SF doesn't mind :-) And that you like what you got !

Daniel Holmen added a Norwegian translation to JanoEditor.

Michael Schulz added a brand new PCI.hidd which can scan the PCI bus and allows apps to query for devices. He has begun to write on something he calls "nvidia.hidd" whatever that might be ;-) Not much code but should work on all cards from the Riva 128 to the GeForce2 and Quadro and maybe more.

Georg Steger fixed a couple of problems in the DOS code and in the startup code which should not try to examine the commandline if the app was started via the workbench.library. He also improved JanoEdit (catalogs are generated, now and some small fixes for AROS).

21.1.2002Michael Schulz finally fixed the VGA.hidd to use the correct method to find out the sync values when creating visible bitmap. He also deleted the obsolete old vga driver.

Aaron Digulla moved the really old news onto pages of their own.

Georg Steger committed some very old work of him: PUI, a GUI engine similar to MUI but based on Intuition gadgets. Pretty incomplete but maybe nice as an example. Next, he began ported JanoEditor, a nice text editor. It's included in the default build which means that is has become pretty simple to port software to AROS :-)

Zune did break the nightly build, so Adam Chodorowski disabled it for now. He also copied all bugs from our BUGS list into the SourceForce bug tracker and fixed compile problems on OpenBSD.

A new developer joined our forces: David Somerton. He began porting nasm, GNU ld and the necessary libraries. Maybe there will be a native development environment, soon !

20.1.2002Georg Steger fixed the IDCMP_RAWKEY IntuiMessages which were completely wrong (the field IAddress must contain a pointer to the prevCodeQuals).

Paul Huxham committed Zune 1.0 which is a free replacement for MUI and began porting it.

17.1.2002The big news of the day ? Look at this URL: Yes, AROS is now one of the many, many, many (more than 32'000 last time I looked) projects on SourceForge ! That means we can probably solve many of our bandwidth problems :-) You can find the normal SourceForge page here. We're now integrating most of the links and stuff from our own homepage into the SF system.

Georg Steger continued to port changes by Stephan Rupprecht back into AROS. This time, it's the OS 3.9 gradientslider. Also, a bug in InstallClipRegion() was fixed. He added a safety check in the ReqTools file requester to prevent a possible recursive hook call and several other bugfixes in there. Our ReqTools is now V39.4.

Adam Chodorowski overworked the build of Python for AROS (only one big MMakefile is used now which is more flexible and clean than what we had before).

Henning Kiel fixed a the build script for adflib to work on Cygwin and made the build process less verbose.

13.1.2002Stefan Berger renamed the Palm target to m68k-pp-native to avoid trademark troubles and did some cleanups. He also removed the global DOSBase symbol.

Henning Kiel updated the instructions how to build AROS in Cygwin.

Georg Steger merged back in changes from Stephan Rupprecht's AmigaOS colorwheel 44.7. CON: window use now DOS processes created with CreateNewProc(). He also committed two new graphics demos (BlackHole and Metaballs). We have now a keymap file for British keyboards and the numpad point in German keymaps has been fixed.

Adam Chodorowski cleaned the status file of his Python port and improved the build of False. He updated FAQ item #20 (AROS Programming languages). The output of the %compile_q macro will now leave relative paths alone making the output better suited to find the offending file.

Peter Eriksson committed V0.14 of Font prefs which contains numerous changes over the last version.

Sven Drieling updated the misc summary.

10.1.2002Georg Steger activated OOP_ObtainAttrBases in the graphics.hidd again. The X11 driver will now succeed even if XSHM initialization failed (allows to use AROS over a remote display). He also improved the code for the embedded and non-embedded AROS shell commands. H&P gave us a copy of their OS 3.9 C:Setenv command so we can adjust our code to get our version in sync.

Stefan Berger added a new #define AROS_NOFPU which is set if there is no FPU available (for example on PDAs) and removed access for a static variable if AROS is compiled for ROM. The global SysBase has been moved from layers_init.c into exec_init.c where you would expect it. There is a now a macro AROS_GET_SYSBASE which expands to some code which will give you access to SysBase (Exec). A lot of Dragonball-specific code could be eliminated (the Dragonball CPU is used in Palm-Handhelds, for example). Now, the generic AROS code is used.

Adam Chodorowski fixed a bug in printing octal numbers and continue on his Python port. We have now only 2 failed tests left. He's also continuing to work on his tiny Python distribution for a boot disk.

Fabio Alemagna uploaded a better picture of himself and a close-up of his face.

Peter Eriksson added screenshots for the demos Flamme, Knp and Firework.

Johan Alfredsson fixed a bug in C:Delete. C:Delete now reports if it could not delete any files and gives the same error if you try to delete an assign as the Amiga command.

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen fixed an infinite loop in his camd.library (MIDI stuff: Sending two or more channel pressure or program change messages with the same status in a row, would cause a driver to go into an infinite loop).

Sven Drieling updated the GettingMoreHelp summary and added a new misc summary.

7.1.2002Kjetil Svalastog fixed a bug which caused reading several sysex-messages in a row to fail in camd.library.

Staf Verhaegen added a readme to c_lib (shared library/device creation code of AROS) which explains the difference between the AROS version and the original CLib37x archive from Andreas R. Kleinert. He also fixed the license of libheader.c and libtail.c so they can be used with any license.

Stefan Berger continued to hunt down global variables and kill them and he removed some old code from console.device.

Aaron Digulla fixed the nightly build script which failed for a long time for the contrib disks. No, these builds are not yet available for the public. I hope that Network Solutions transfers the domain to me, soon, so I can fix the DNS entries and setup the FTP mirror network.

Sven Drieling committed a document, which summarizes thoughts about what the next big steps should be in AROS development.

1.1.2002Again for at least 2000 years, there is a new year and the world didn't end ;-) Cool.

Johan Alfredsson fixed some compiler warnings and typos.

Stefan Berger worked on the C startup code, the library generation code and removed a global variable in the keyboard and gameport devices. Also, our countries files support the Euro. He made many Exec functions work with his Palm port and began porting DOS. The root node in DOS is now allocated with AllocMem() as it should be.

He began to change some HIDDs to make them ROM-able. If CREATE_ROM is defined, then SysBase will be looked for in address $4 (like on the Amiga), for example. Note that the normal AROS doesn't need *any* absolute address. As far as we know, AROS is the only fully relocatable OS :-)

In addition to the changes above, he removed many unused functions, code and cleaned a lot of stuff. Many more places where global variables were used, are now fixed.

Georg Steger added support for the Euro (ASCII 164/0xA4 in the ISO 8859-15 encoding) to the HIDDs and the default keymap (mapped to Alt-E). Only topaz/8 has the symbol for now.

Staf Verhaegen implemented thread support with use of SignalSemaphores and Pooled Memory in Regina.

Henning Kiel cleaned the build a bit. AROS should now almost compile with CYGWIN on Windows and emul.handler which allows AROS to access a native Unix filesystem when run as an emulation is now moved into AROS/config/unix/, where it belongs.

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