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Old News

31.12.2001Happy New Year to everyone !

AROS is now 7 years hold !

28.12.2001Georg Steger worked around the problem that the Workbench screen would not change the font after the tar archive from the native bootdisk was unpacked. There was also a bug in SetFrontBitMap() when there was no open screen. The font has been changed from Arial/11 to Arial/13. He also fixed two keymappings in the default keymap (the key to the left of "1" and the key 0x0D on the German keyboard which produces \ and |).

Also the build system allows now to create a version of AROS which doesn't depend on X11 SHM extensions. This allows to run AROS on a remote computer and export the display.

Henning Kiel made CVS ignore a lot of generated files. untgz is now copied into the RAM disk so that tar archives can be used on extra disks.

Just to mention it: Diskchange works now with AROS :-) So you can actually swap disks.

Staf Verhaegen added a keyboard mapping for SUN5c USA keyboard. Just to mention it: Sun keyboards "know" themselves. So when you plug in a different keyboard, you don't have to set any keymaps or something. It works right away. That's how it should be. PCs still have a long way to go :-) Georg converted Staf's description into an actual keymap file.

Thanks to Stefan Berger, the GfxBase, DOSBase and SysBase global variables could be eliminated.

Adam Chodorowski added a small tool which compacts Python source by removing all comments, unecessary spacing, etc. That should be useful for any tiny Python distribution, ie. one that fits on the boot disk.

21.12.2001Stefan Berger is beginning to make AROS Palm/Native work on the Palm emulator POSE (this way, he saves the batteries of his Palm :-)

Staf Verhaegen worked on our c.lib (bugfixes in gmtime() and added mktime() plus you can now use the arosc.library from other shared libraries.). He also began porting the Regina REXX interperter, so maybe we'll all be able to enjoy ARexx, soon ! Current status: It compiles. He also fixed a bug in MetaMake.

Georg Steger fixed a bug in our c.lib (EOF flag wasn't always set correctly).

Sven Drieling committed a summary of the long discussion about TCP/IP in AROS.

Henrik Berglund committed the old AmiTCP version from AmiNET to our contrib tree and began porting it to AROS. WWW, we're on our way !

Henning Kiel fixed problems with the autoconf files (sometimes, the files for aclocal were not updates which caused all kinds of problems).

Johan Grip continued to work on the PCI.hidd.

20.12.2001Merry christmas to you all!

Georg Steger has made some fixes to the graphics.library

Stefan Berger is working on a port for Palm Pilots. So soon we'll be able to take AROS with us.

Adam Chodorowski did further bugfixing on Python, and has also done an impressive job at updating copyright notices.

Fabio Alemagna is thinking hard about a new OOP framework.

Johan Grip is working on a PCI driver system.

13.12.2001Adam Chodorowski improved error handling in strtod(). The new status of the Python port: 90 tests OK, 43 tests SKIPPED and 6 tests FAILED. Also, a fixed a bug which is triggered when GCC 3.0+ compiles the keymaps.

Joerg Dietrich completed the picture.datatype to be able to display pictures correctly on the Amiga but some BOOPSI stuff is still missing.

Georg Steger fixed bugs in the handling of shared pens and fixed some problems Joerg was having with his picture.datatype. He also ported a new demo, Firework, to AROS. This one was a 256 Byte demo in x86 asm.

Johan Grip found a bug which caused crashes in AROS Native/x86 (the boot stack was not AllocAbs()ed and thus overwritten, eventually).

And some more work was being done by Stefan Berger to the Palm port. Just imagine: AROS running on a Clie 760C (8MB RAM, 320x320 pixel screen, 64k color, 33MHz CPU). Sounds pretty much like an A1200 to me :-)

9.12.2001Adam Chodorowski finally finished fixing all the copyright notices in all AROS source files (he touched about 9'000 files in the process ! :-) The lawyers out there should really thank him ! And he fixed the parameters for Move(). And the import() function of Python works now (test_import suceeds).

After optimizing the region code in graphics.library beyond anything anyone could have ever hoped for, Fabio Alemagna now turns his sharp eyes on the OOP system.

Stefan Berger continued his Palm port.

Johan Grip changed the IDE driver to use the AmiCDROM.handler to mount CDs.

Joerg Dietrich backported our text.datatype to the Amiga.

Staf Verhaegen improved fcntl() and gmtime().

Daniel Holmen fixed and updated many Norwegian catalog files. There is now a Norwegian translation of Input prefs.

5.12.2001Adam Chodorowski fixed more copyright notices and moved some tests to where they belong.

Joerg Dietrich continued to work on the picture.datatype and fixed a minor glitch in MultiView (didn't take a 2-pixel border around pictures into account).

4.12.2001When I write this, AROS has both achieved a major goal and run into a problem. No, we were not too successful and got sued. We were just too successful. Last month, 10 GB were downloaded from our FTP server and I had to remove the disk images. Sorry, folks. Bandwith is free but only within reason. I'm now looking for a place that doesn't mind 10 GB/month (and probably more). Aminet comes to mind but I guess Urban doesn't like the idea to have to manually accept our disk images and the new CD-ROM image every night :-) Anyway, it's sad and great news and not the end of the world. It's just another speed bumb.

When I got the truck over it, I'll tell you. Until then, watch this space for my irregular updates. And thanks to all the people who made this possible. To the developers who made AROS so attractive and to all those who downloaded our work.

As I write this, our webcounter has passed 134'000 hits.

Thank you all,

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla

26.11.2001Fabio Alemagna fixed a problem with appending to a file.

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla fixed the nightly build to create the contrib disk images.

Henning Kiel made the build work on SuSE 7.3.

Joerg Dietrich improved the text.datatype.

Adam Chodorowski moved the cdrom.handler into the kernel. He is working on improving the boot process. Handling of multiple bootable devices should work now. When booting with AROS, then the default boot priority is: CD-ROM, floppy and then harddisk. AROS will boot from a CD even if the BIOS doesn't support it or if it's disabled in the BIOS. So if you boot the kernel from floppy and have a bootable CD in the drive, AROS will load the kernel and boot from the CD. Adam also cleaned the code for the cdrom FS.

20.11.2001Adam Chodorowski continued to work on Python and fixed a bug in utime() and fdopen(). The amiga module is now finished. Current status of the port: 84 tests OK, 43 tests skipped and 12 tests failed (skipped means that they use things which make no sense on AROS).

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla changed the nightly build to generate the extra disk images. The images will be generated when the bugs in the nightly build are fixed.

11.11.2001Helau ! (If you don't know German tradition, today at 11:11 begins the fifth season which ends with the Fastnacht in February :-)

Adam Chodorowski fixed more copyright notices.

There is now a picture of Michael Schulz in the screenshots area.

The CD-ROM image on our FTP server is not really usable ATM but we're working on it :-) Stay calm and tuned. We plan to update this image with the nightly build so you can get all software which runs on AROS conveniently.

Joerg Dietrich has rewritten CreateDTDesc and made the c_iff.lib work on non-32bit CPUs.

Henning Kiel removed the --enable-vmware-hack because it's now obsolete.

3.11.2001The code which handles disk changes works now. You will find some more disk images on our server, soon !

Adam Chodorowski ported makedepend from XFree86 which creates dependency lists for the build much faster than GCC does. His Python port becomes better and better. When he ran the regression tests, 78 were ok and 14 failed (this includes modules which are simply not available).

Fabio Alemagna removed some side effects in the list macros.

Stefan Berger began to write a serial.hidd for the Palm port.

Johan Alfredsson fixed a bug in RemSegment() and fixed a lot of warnings during the build (hundreds maybe thousands of them, actually) plus a little cleanup of c.lib and a bugfix in C:Unalias. The huge cleanup makes him Mr. Proper for this month ;-)

Emmanuel Lesueur fixed a typo in commodities.

Sebastian Heutling fixed some "too general" targets (xyz-native = xyz-native-i386) in the build.

Johan Grip removed some unnecessary seeks from trackdisk.device. Should be faster, now.

Georg Steger made propgclass more compatible with the one found in the AmigaOS.

Joerg Dietrich worked some more on the picture.datatype.

30.10.2001The big news of the day is the bootable CD image of AROS on our FTP server (in the directory, you will also find an uncompressed image and a gzipped one). Now you can try AROS quite effortlessly :-)

Adam Chodorowski cleaned the Python port a bit and fixed more copyright notices.

Georg Steger fixed a bug in the PS/2 mouse driver and worked some more in Input prefs.

Sebastian Heutling fixed some bugs in the afs.handler related to the new media change handling. He also merged GRUB 0.90 with our version which supports AFFS. GRUB is now part of the default build.

Fabio Alemagna cleaned the region handling code in graphics.library and moved demos which are in fact tests into the test directory. He also did some bugfixing and again some more little optimizations in his region code :-) His routines are now used in BeginUpdate() and other places of hyperlayers.library.

Johan Grip fixed the slowness and hanging issues in trackdisk.device. It still eats an awful lot of CPU. We now have a TD_FORMAT command, so you can format your floppies. Using the CCR register instead of the DRS makes bochs happy to work with AROS which helps a lot to debug AROS Native/x86.

27.10.2001First, some statistics: We have now 76.83% of the whole project completed. The source repository is roughly 66MB and the contrib repository is 99MB. Not bad :-)

Stefan Berger improved handling of Bobs/GELS.

Adam Chodorowski continued to fix all copyright notices.

Fabio Alemagna found a strange bug in his new region handling code and fixed it with the help of Georg Steger. He also removed some unecessary stuff from the boot disk so the archive with the software would fit on the floppy.

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla added a small note to the CVS document which says that people should include their real name in the mail with which they apply for an CVS account.

Sebastian Heutling added support for media change to the afs.handler and added better code to turn the motor off. Since the media detection works now, he could add checks for those FSA-commands which need a disk in the drive.

Johan Grip improved the media change detection code in trackdisk.device. This broke the boot from floppy and should work now. AROS is now be able to detect floppy disk changes and this means even floppy users can make use of the huge amount of contributed software that we already have (around 18MB compiled).

Johan Alfredsson made mount use the name in the mountlist rather than the name on the commandline (caps may differ).

Georg Steger added keyboard mouse support: lalt + lamiga = left button, ralt + ramiga = right button, lamiga/ramiga + cursors = mouse move. And we have another improvement: If you hold shift, the mouse will make big moves.

24.10.2001First of all, a lot of AROS developers have added photographs of themselves to the screenshot page. If you ever wanted to know if that creepy guy from next door is one of us, here is your chance to check ! Note that you are not allowed to use these images on anything which has the word "WANTED" on it ;-) Thanks go to Adam Chodorowski, Peter Eriksson, Fabio Alemagna and Hennning Kiel who did the work and to all those who were fearless enough to submit pictures. We'll try to add much pictures as possible.

Adam Chodorowski began the huge task to make all copyright notices in AROS uniform (Copyright © 1995-2001, The AROS Development Team. All rights reserved.) and completed his new testing framework including some new tests for it. He added a test for chdir() and then implemented chdir() to make the test succeed. The build will now put all compilers and other development stuff into SYS:Contrib/Development. Currently, False and Python are installed in that way. He added a new template to make.tmpl to make copying files more simple. There is now support for expat.lib. ColdReboot() will now halt the CPU instead of rebooting AROS Native/x86 if DEBUG is defined. This makes it much easier to read error messages, GURUs and the like if you don't have serial debugging. If mounting a device failed, it's removed from the list of bootable devices so DOS doesn't try to boot from it anyhow.

Georg Steger fixed bug 84 (command history was cyclic) and 85 (Ctrl-L == formfeed) and continued to work on Input prefs. He also worked on BeginRefresh() and EndRefresh(). BACKSAVED is now supported in DrawGList() and some bugs in the creation of GELS have been fixed. And ClipBlit() did use unsigned variables for coords so blits from and to negative coords did not work correctly.

Johan Alfredsson improved ClickToFront and AutoPoint.

Peter Eriksson added a Swedish translation of the Input prefs.

Henrik Berglund added the stuff in AROS/contrib/aminet/dev/ to the nightly build.

Stefan Berger reworked the GELS system to used real BItMaps instead of the hacky plane data arrangement within the VSprite structure.

Daniel Holmen added Norwegian translation of Font Prefs.

Johan Grip updated trackdisk.device.

Sebastian Heutling added a README file to our version of GRUB which explains what has been changed to add FFS support to GRUB.

21.10.2001Stefan Berger began committing the code for a parallel.hidd for AROS Native/x86.

Daniel Holmen began to work on the WBPattern Prefs editor.

Fabio Alemagna committed another improved version of the new region handling functions. This new version doesn't need an extra field in the Region structure and it became again a bit faster ! How does he do that ? ;-) He also improved NewCliProc() and System(). He also improved the handling of the IDCMP_NEWSIZE message in roundshape which makes it a lot faster.

Adam Chodorowski began porting expat, an XML parser. The Python module pyexpat works now and we have XML processing in AROS ! To say it with Adams words: "Yay!". As for the Python support, everything that worked with AmigaPython 2.0 runs on AROS now. Compared to the standard Unix and Windows versions of Python, we have everything except thread and socket modules and some very platform specific modules. Currently, Adam is working on an intuition module which allows to process input events. He also added a screenshot of False in action.

Nicholai Benalal added more include files with specific changes for MorphOS and began to work on diskfont.library.

Georg Steger added a compile time option to button.class in the asl.library to choose between a version which does its own input handling and one which doesn't. This allows MorphOS to use this code. He also implemented solid window resizing in Opaque.

Johan Alfredsson fixed a couple of small problems introduced when localizing Exchange.

18.10.2001Adam Chodorowski updated the list of known BUGS. He also added some new screenshots of devloping in AROS using XDME and Python. He also continued to port more of Python. The modules math, cmath and pcre compile and link, now. And he ported The False Programming Language (no joke ! FALSE is a real programming language :-). This one worked out of the box. And last but not least, he converted all GIF images to PNGs (especially screenshots).

Iain Templeton fixed compilation of ram.handler on FreeBSD. RAM: and NIL: are now part of the kernel on AROS FreeBSD/x86. BGUI also compiles on FreeBSD, now.

Georg Steger added an AROS specific flag to Exec memory pools: MEMF_SEM_PROTECTED. When you allocate a memory pool with this flag set, then the pool can be shared between tasks.

Nicholai Benalal began merging necessary changes for MorphOS in the icon.library.

Daniel Holmen added Norwegian catalogs to the dos.library and a new icon to the icon library coolimages.

Henrik Berglund began porting the lcc C compiler.

Sebastian Heutling fixed the "install-bootdisk" build target.

Oh and just in case you wondered how fast AROS' new region functions are compared to X11's: With Fabio's benchmark, AROS took 1.67s for 100000 while X11 needed 3.59s ! Unfortunately, the memory allocation in AROS make them four times slower when compiled into graphics.library. Next stop: AllocMem() :-) The AROS team is already taking bets if Fabio can produce a version of AllocMem() which is faster than the CPU allows for or not ;-)

15.10.2001Fabio Alemagna improved his new region functions a bit more. They are now faster than their X11 equivalents (Yes, the X11 equivalents are compiled into the client and don't need to go over the network to the X server :-) Also the region handling code can now use memory pools for even better performance.

Georg Steger fixed a bug in the UnlockWorkbench() macro and began to work on Input prefs. NameFromLock() did return the wrong results. Made ParentOfFH() work.

Stefan Berger added some more functions to the parallel.hidd.

Henning Kiel updated the docs on how to use the keymaps and fixed a bug in the Installer and some typos.

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen began porting Hans Boehms conservative garbage collector for c and c++ (GC Homepage).

Adam Chodorowski implemented stpblk(), stpbrk(), stpchr() and sleep() He made Python check for Ctrl-C so you can abort scripts, now. He also began implementing a testing framework for the c.library. He began to work on an Intuition-module for Python (so you can open/close windows, set their title and do some simple rendering). He also began to make all copyright notices uniform.

Daniel Holmen added Norwegian catalogs to More and MultiView and the commodities.

13.10.2001Adam Chodorowski continued to port Python to AROS. Most major functionality works now. It's not build by default, thought because the makefiles are a bit broken. During the port, he found out that PROGDIR: doesn't work, yet. So if you want to try Python, you have to manually Assign LIBS: Libs Add so Python will find its modules.

Fabio Alemagna has committed much improved region handling code. The new code is about 10 times faster than the old one. Try roundshape to check it out (Note that you have to set the macro USE_BANDED_FUNCTIONS in intregions.h to 1 to activate the new code until its stable enough for everyone). And Fabio thinks that there is still some room for improvement :-)

Stefan Berger fixed another bug in serial.device.

Peter Eriksson has localized all AROS commodities (AutoPoint, Blanker, ClickToFront, Exchange and Opaque) and committed the Swedish ("svenska") translation. Also the translation of the more utility has been improved.

Henning Kiel added a German translation ("Deutsch") for commodities.

Daniel Holmen sent in Norwegian translations for More and MultiView plus a Norwegian keymap.

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla added his public PGP key again to the web site (got lost sometime ago).

10.10.2001Stefan Berger continued his work on the serial.device. A couple of bugs were fixed (taglist handling, IRQ handling and serialmousetest works better now).

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen fixed a bug in slider.class and in the console.handler. He also tried to remove RealOpenCnt from reqtools.library but the AmigaOS ReqTools prefs expects it. The console window will now automatically fall back to the default PubScreen if the specified screen doesn't exist.

Thanks to Georg Steger, IDCMP_INTUITICKS work correctly now. And a bug with the font handling was fixed which lead to a freeze on X11.

Adam Chodorowski merged the code from AmigaPython (with the permission from the author, Irmen de Jong).

Nicholai Benalal fixed a bug in OpenCatalogA() related to the application's builtin language.

9.10.2001Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen added a startup script which starts Radium and removed a debug line which caused Radium to crash. He also committed a patch for realtime.library hunting for a bug which caused Radium to break. And he fixed a bug in the sliderclass in gadtools.library (would return the smallest value when at the top).
8.10.2001Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla continued to port XDME and he reverted a fix which broke the nightly build. The autoinit library now support the workbench- and icon.library. When AROS wants to show a deadend alert running under Unix, abort() will be called to signal a debugger or create a core file. He also fixed a bug in the code which generates the web site and added links to the new AROS mirrors.

Stefan Berger improved handling of stopbits in the serial.hidd. Empty write buffers can now be handled by an interrupt. Also, the DTR signal is now handled, so communication between two computers via the serial.hidd should now work (can someone say network ? :-)

Fabio Alemagna made the AROS linker not depend on collect2 (which comes with GCC) anymore. If collect2 is not found, ld will be used instead.

Georg Steger fixed a typo in ReportMouse(). He also fixed the startup crash in XDME. XDME now starts, allows to load a file (via a filerequester) and to edit it.

Henning Kiel improved the build of XDME a bit (tools are now generated in the build tree and more generated files were removed).

Thanks to the efforts of Georg Steger, Henning Kiel and Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla, AROS now has its first text editor.

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen implemented the SCREEN parameter for CON:.

And you will find new bootdisks on Matt's site. These contain now some demo programs :-)

7.10.2001Aaron Digulla added FAQ items on how to use AROS floppies in UAE and in AROS and about the new AROS IRC channel. He also started porting XDME, his editor. The port is almost compete (XDME compiles, links and you can start it) but it crashes soon after start :-) Should be fixed soon.

Thanks to Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen, Radium plays now.

Adam Chodorowski fixed the installation of Python (runtime modules were not copied).

Georg Steger fixed the long standing FPU bug (the FPU was not correctly initialized and switching between a task which used the FPU and one that didn't could crash AROS). Also, removing a task had a terrible bug. He added the missing DrawModes for the graphics.hidd and the private field initialfont in the IntWindow structure is gone (that's what IFont in Window is for). And the notification between scrollbar and listview gadgets is now safer.

4.10.2001AROS web site too slow ? Now you can mirror us with

    rsync -avz --delete rsync:// www

Don't forget to tell us the link of your mirror so we can mention you in the links section :-) The first mirror is at

And 4play has created an IRC channel for us on EFNet. /join #aros, the official AROS IRC channel.

30.9.2001Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen improved the PolyDraw() routine a bit. And he fixed demowin which used this routine in a wrong way. Radium is now part of the default build. Doesn't work completely, yet, though.

Peter Eriksson worked on Font prefs (fixed a typo in the Swedish translation) and the ReqTools pref (the Escape key, Ctrl-C and the close button now close the window).

Nicholai Benalal began to merge MorphOS patches into asl.library.

Adam Chodorowski began porting Python, the first real programming language for AROS. He can already run simple scripts. Good work ! Now we'll see if we can squeeze enough space out of the bootdisk to include it :-) He also fixed a bug in strchr().

Fabio Alemagna implemented umask().

28.9.2001Fabio Alemagna optimized region handling in the graphics.hidd and changing the colors of the screen should now cause less flicker. The sources of RAM: and NIL: can now be linked into the kernel (no need to mount them anymore). The console.class is now much faster. Form feed will not only clear the screen but also move the cursor to the top left corner. There is now a macro which does the same as AndRectRect() but without some checks (-> faster). The macro is now used in some places.

Adam Chodorowski removed the nil.handler from the boot disk because it's not needed during boot (it's still in the tar archive which is uncompressed to RAM). The boot timeout is now 4s (since there are no other choices). Preferences are now saved to floppy disk. He also wrote a small tool C:Reboot which reboots the machine (useful if you have no Reset button on your PC or if the keyboard mappings don't work). Also, only the absolutely necessary fonts are copied on the disk.

Nicholai Benalal fixed a bug in RawDoFmt() in locale.library (the registers A4 and A6 have now the correct contents).

Locale prefs did not show all available locales under certain circumstances. Georg Steger fixed that and the window titles of the console windows refresh themselves correctly, now. And the caps-lock key works now.

Sebastian Heutling increased the timeout after which AROS turns off the floppy motor which drastically reduces boot time sometimes. Further investigations are needed :-)

Georg Steger found the reason for another crash in AROS x86/Native (old include file) and fixed it.

Thanks to Stefan Berger, the serial.hidd allows to change the parameters for the serial port (bits, baudrate, etc).

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen fixed a bug in PolyDraw() (draws from the current position to the first coordinate instead of starting at the first coordinate).

27.9.2001Peter Eriksson committed an update to his Font prefs. It now supports full localization and does some IFF sanity checking. There is a Swedish and a German translation available.

Johan Grip committed a skeleton for a PCI.hidd which will allow us to access PCI hardware directly (graphics cards *YES* :-).

Henning Kiel added SetClock LOAD to the Startup-Sequence so we have the correct system time after boot up. There is now a test script for the Installer on the boot disk, so you can play around with it (Utilities/test.script) and some demos (at least until we implement C:DiskChange so you can use the contrib disks).

Georg Steger improved pen handling in the code that installs the backfill pattern on our screen and fixed some reference miscounts.

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla is trying hard to update these news now at least once per week and to make them a bit more "high level". Still, no contributions to our project shall get omitted.

And one bit which is just a tiny little bit on the silly side: After reading from floppy disk was so insanely slow, Adam Chodorowski had the guts to try to write to it. He wrote 894 bytes and timed them at 23 Seconds ! That amounts to 38 bytes/sec and should be an absolute record. I know of no other OS that can write that slow. Even a 1541 is faster and that one was controlled by a 6502 with 1 MHz (as opposed to the Pentium-133 on which Adam did his test). Fabio Alemagna did take this as a personal affront and has equipped himself with BLAZEMONGER BugBlaster 2010(TM) the latest in bug blasting technology. He was last seen around line 53 of AROS/workbench/devs/afs/blockaccess.c. Reports of shouts and cries for help in line 54 in the very same file could not be verified. ;-) Stay tuned.

24.9.2001Fabio Alemagna improved the hidd graphics driver and Seek(). The code to scroll the contents of a window doesn't use a backup bitmap anymore and is thus much faster and uses much less memory, now. The unpacking of the archive in the RAM disk takes now 20% less time.

Stefan Berger improved his Serial prefs and made IPrefs recognize changes in the Serial prefs and apply them.

Georg Steger added options to configure to control mungwall and stack debugging. When these options are enabled, AROS will try to detect if a program writes over it's allocated memory. He also fixed a bug with the mouse pointer in AROS Native/x86. It should now move without trashing the screen.

Adam Chodorowski ported bzip2 with only minmal changes to the original sources.

Emmanuel Lesueur fixed some MorphOS alignment issues and he fixed some problems with the commodity inputhandler.

22.9.2001Georg Steger fixed a bug in the readbattclock() which made AROS Native/x86 crash. The CopyBox method in the gfx.hidd baseclass should now handle overlapping blits correctly. He also fixed a bug in ObtainBestPenA().

Stefan Berger commited the first draft of the Serial prefs. It doesn't look very nice, yet :-) Adam Chodorowski added a swedish translation for it.

Lars Bischoff optimized the boot disk a bit (removed unecessary stuff and added the mathieeedoub*.library's and the new Serial prefs). He also created a new target (make contrib-disks) which creates several (2 at the moment) disks with stuff from the contrib directory. Unfortunately, AROS doesn't correctly process the DiskChange signal, yet, so you can't change disks and try them :-( Volunteers ?

Fabio Alemagna optimized XorRegionRegion() and some code which is related to scrolling layers.

Henning Kiel made untgz open its own GUI instead of writing to the console. This should make the uncompressing of the intial RAM disk much faster.

Emmanuel Lesueur of the MorphOS team supports Nicholai Benalal in merging the MorphOS patches back into AROS.

20.9.2001The patches by the MorphOS team begin to flow in :-) After some problems with our build system, they seem to be quite happy (and we get a lot of high quality patches !). Nicholai Benalal made the necessary changes. MorphOS now uses locale, iffparse, commodities and gadtools from us.

Fabio Alemagna changed Copy and Mount to work without the arosc.library and the boot disk now uses untgz instead of untar which is much faster and uses less space on disk. Since the arosc.library is also not necssary anymore, we have 180K of free space on the disk which is surely going to be filled with something (probably some demos). Some of that valuable space is now taken up by our LICENSE file *sigh*. XInvaders3D now works and untgz can handle .tar.gz files. And malloc() and free in the C library are now thread safe. And he improved the mmakefiles which build BGUI.

Georg Steger cleaned the VGA init code. It should now always produce a correct display mode on all monitors with all graphics cards.

Everything changes and so does the company who provides us with web, CVS, ftp and mail. edenmarket is gone and the new company is called trustsec. Same people, but standing on their own feet, now. The AROS team thanks for the good cooperation in the past and hopes, that they are successful in these ... Interesting Times(tm).

Stefan Berger began working on a Serial prefs program.

17.9.2001Fabio Alemagna (me) is not gone :) He's just relaxing a little and trying to get some university's studying done, so don't worry too much :)

Georg Steger fixed another bug in the task switching core of AROS Native/x86 which should finally fix the disappearing task (freeze) bug :-)) He also improved the code which Put- and GetImage in the VGA.HIDD and the external checkbox/cycle/mx/list/listview gadgets are not installed anymore because nothing uses them anymore. There is now a header file which contains #defines for all the rawkey codes of Amiga keyboards. Georg used this new header file to improve the native keyboard driver which he cleaned up a lot. And he improved signalling of the support task of the IDE driver.

Nicholai Benalal from the MorphOS team has CVS access now so they can merge their work much more simple (and it's more simple for me to give credit :-) His first commit adds support for MorphOS to the code which generates shared libraries.

14.9.2001Georg Steger improved interrupt handling in the serial driver and the VGA text mode driver and the task switching core. He also fixed some bugs in the handling of ThisTask with Reschedule().
10.9.2001Fabio Alemagna is taking a break from the project because other things have become more important for him ([Aaron] Or my guess would be that he didn't give enough attention to those other things because he did work so much on AROS ;-). The whole AROS team thanks him for his effort and wishes him best luck with whatever he intends to do now.

Sebastian Heutling optimized LoadSeg().

Georg Steger fixed a bug in NewCliProc() and in the keyboard driver (trying to update the LEDs while the keyboard interrupts where active leads to a freeze). He also fixed a bug in putimage in the vga.hidd which corrupted the map in the Locale prefs when the window was moved outside of the screen. BlitColorExpansion in the vga.hidd is now faster and some small coordinate bugs have been squished.

Henning Kiel fixed typos and added prototypes for DosDoIO() where necessary.

Iain Templeton added some new macros to arossupport/system.h.

6.9.2001Lars Bischoff added gzip and untar to the default build. untar will now also create all necessary directories if the tar archive doesn't contain the directory nodes. He also created a Startup-Sequence which unpacks a tgz-file with most of the WB-Stuff to RAM: and makes RAM: to SYS:. Try it!

Fabio Alemagna fixed a bug in DosDoIO() with the help of Georg and IPrefs didn't exit properly (thus it didn't detach itself from the shell). cgfx (a CyberGraphx-compatible library) is now included in the native kernel. And Lock() recognizes now the same special devices that Open() does. He also fixed bugs in the pipefs.handler and the Shell. He also improved the new native Startup-Sequence (use the pipe to untar the archive which saves some ram and produces less output which speeds things up).

The include files which simplify writing shell commands greatly, are now public (aros/shcommands.h and aros/shcommands_notembedded.h.

Thanks to Stefan Berger, window depth arrangement now takes child windows into account.

3.9.2001Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla has updated the credits. Still not everyone is mentioned but it's better than before :-) He also fixed the URLs which were broken by the new web site scripts.

Georg Steger fixed the strange keyboard problems (holding the right Win key down for a while would suddenly print /'s on the screen). He also added some printer- and datatype-specific header files. They are needed in the DataTypes.class. And he fixed a bug in the EOF handling of the console.handler.

Fabio Alemagna improved flushing of Output() and Error(). The shell will now print the boot and other messages only when needed. PIPEFS: supports AbortIO() now. He also added <Ctrl-C>-Handling to a lot of DOS functions so that they will abort a pending IO if the task receives a signal while waiting for the IO to complete.

Stefan Berger fixed two bugs in layers and intuition. Child windows can now be moved with opaque running. He also implemented a helper function which checks if a layer is the frontmost among the layers that have the same realtionship to the root layer and another one which checks if a layer is hidden by any other visible (or invisible) sibling with the same priority. And he fixed typos in rand48-functions in c.lib.

30.8.2001Thanks to Georg Steger, the checkbox, mx, cycle and palette gadtools gadgets don't rely on the external gadget class libraries anymore. And windowtool is part of the default build.

Henning Kiel added AmiCDROM and format64 to the parts which are build by default. He also wrote a zero.handler, a handler where you get as many 0x00 bytes as you want (for example to create a large empty file).

Matt "Crazy" Parsons reports that he has put a single disk version of AROS on his web site. It seems that over 1000 users have already downloaded it (he assumes that some have downloaded it twice, though) and he gets three to four emails per day with comments, suggestions about and relating to AROS. He says "I think this is not bad for an OS that hasn't even left the Alpha state yet!!!!". He continues:

The thing I get back most from users is how brilliant it is that they can put a disk in their PC, switch on and be taken right to the Amiga way of working. Many if not all keep requesting PC (FAT32) hard drive access, most want a desktop, some want to read Amiga disks (will they ever learn?)., and generally modem support is suggested. Loads, hundreds, millions want USB mouse support, ok so actually only I want it...but what the... :-) Not once has anyone ever asked for a larger screen mode? I have ask these people if they would want to see high resolution screens, and all said yes, but it was not really a priority. Hard drive (different file systems) support and a desktop were the top of the list.

But most of all, no one wanted to have more than one disk as this is too much effort (apparently). And most did not want to install on to their hard drives, if it became necessary to install on to a hard drive to run, they would not bother to use AROS at all. A popular idea was a QNX style demo disk, with internet and hard drive support. It seems people want AROS to be a fun thing (much like the Amiga is a fun thing to use), and only having to have one disk and not having to install on to the hard drive adds to the fun.

Do you agree ? Tell us !.

Nils Henrik Lorentzen is back. He cleaned his oop.library to make it ready for the next design step (make writing of methods more simple and implementation of multiple interfaces per object and class).

Fabio Alemagna improved error reporting in collect-aros (used to link AROS code).

Sebastian Heutling disabled the debug output in AFS and fixed another bug in it. AFS should be pretty stable now.

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla changed the scripts which generate these web pages to check the contents of the pages for changes instead of only the file dates. This makes sure that every page is updated when necessary and only when it is necessary. The next step is a "what has changed" page where you can see what has changed since your last visit.

27.8.2001Fabio Alemagna USE_DETACH to make.tmpl which adds code to a program to detach it automatically from the shell without having to change a single line of code. IPrefs uses this mechanism, now. The program which uses this feature can control when to detach from the shell. And we have SetVBuf(), now. He changed related functions to use this new feature (use line buffering on interactive files (= shells) and no buffering on Error()). POVray links now.

Georg Steger fixed a bug in iffparse.library which prevented to compile it on MorphOS. And he merged some patches to locate.library provided by the MorphOS team. locale.library itself will now install all necessary patches, so the code has been removed from IPrefs. He also committed an ascii art which shows the standard keys on Amiga and PC 105 keyboards and the Raw Key numbers which we use. Typeface had a function Error() which conflicted with AROS' Error() function. Typeface is now built per default.

Johan Alfredsson merged a couple of fixes provided by the MorphOS team into commodities. He also updated Exchange to work with the new library.

The lines in the linkbox on the website could wrap. Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla fixed this. Because of licence incompatibilities, he also moved grub from AROS/tools/ into contrib/. You can get a copy of all necessary contrib modules (ie. necessary to build AROS) by doing a checkout of the module necessary inside of AROS/. This will give you a copy of only this module and the contents will be updated when necessary. And works now with Python 2.0.

Henning Kiel merged NetBSD fixes by Rodolphe Saint Leger.

Iain Templeton set the size of RAM which AROS allocates on NetBSD to 8MB so that AROS always runs (no, I don't think that AROS will need that much when it's stable; it's just to avoid a whole bunch of strange problems during development).

24.8.2001Fabio Alemagna fixed a bug in PIPEFS: (crash if a pipe couldn't be found). He also rewrote some shell commands (Echo, Execute, Quit, Run, EndCli, NewShell and Shell) and improved some dos functions (SystemTagList(), for example) to make implementing a shell much more simple (there are a couple of new tags for this: SYS_ScriptInput, SYS_Background, SYS_CliNumPtr and SYS_Error). The include file contains more information. We also have now a special startup code against which you can link you code if you want the final program to detach itself from the shell.

Johan Alfredsson made the input handler in commodities much more simple and added a semaphore in RemoveCXObj(). He also cleaned the layout of the code.

Sebastian Heutling worked on the native core. He implemented SuperState() and UserState() for the native core.

Georg Steger merged more MorphOS changes/fixes in iffparse.library plus he did some endianess fixes in camd.library.

I added the <prompt> element to the xml2html processor. This is used in CVS docs, for example to create the shell prompts. This is much better than using basic HTML code to render it.

19.8.2001Fabio Alemagna added [r]index() and more error messages to c.lib. He also fixed nonblocking mode which was broken and fixed a bug in ExecCommand(). He also added code to correctly handle resident modules with a negative seg_UC.

Sebastian Heutling worked on the native core (task switching and interrupt handling). There is still that ugly bug with Cause() and SoftInts. He also added block caching to speed up kernel loading and fixed a deadlock in ExamineAll() and some caching related bugs.

Iain Templeton made the code to scan for romtags platform independent and moved it into the common exec sources. He fixed a broken initialization of adflib in the disktool, so that error reporting works now. He also finished the child tasking functions in exec.

16.8.2001Fabio Alemagna added nonblocking mode to the pipefs.handler and added pipe() and fcntl() to c.lib. He also implemented append mode for files. This allows to use ">>" in the shell to append the output of commands to an existing file. It's also possible to pipe the output of one command into the next with "|" (example: Dir C:|Sort)

Johan Alfredsson integrated more MorphOS changes.

Sebastian Heutling modified HDToolBox to that CD-ROM drives are not shown anymore and C:Install has a new option MBR to make PC harddisk bootable (DANGER! Only use this if you know what you're doing !). He also fixed a couple of bugs in the boot code for AROS Native/x86 and adflib (finding the correct position of the root block). LDDemon will now try to find libraries also with FindResident(). AFS will be more specific why OpenDevice() failed when it did.

Stefan Berger activated his Child Windows extension to layers again (You can have a window within another window). This was deactivated because someone might have a patent on it. Now, we're waiting for a Cease&Desist email. Please don't bother your lawyer with this; just send me an EMail with the patent number and we'll take it out again. Sending a C&D along with a bill will just force us to ask the FSF for help.

Henning Kiel extended his WiMP application so it can also "rescue" child windows when you moved them outside of the area which you can access with your mouse.

13.8.2001AROS.ORG is back :-) You can now point all your bookmarks, CVS Roots and everything else back to *

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen continued to work on Radium and added a small program to dump the current state of the camd.library.

Sebastian Heutling added GRUB

Georg Steger fixed a bug in MultiView which occurred on AmigaOS.

Stefan Berger fixed a problem with building gtlayout.library.

Johan Grip improved adflib and added mkfsaffs. mkfsaffs is a tool to create an Amiga filesystem on a harddisk partition under Linux just mke2fs or mkreiserfs. Henning Kiel fixed a typo in the Makefile for mkfsaffs.

Fabio Alemagna fixed a bug in the LDDemon.

8.8.2001Sebastian Heutling fixed the "Add More Cache" bug in ExamineAll() and a makedir bug.

Georg Steger improved building of Radium.

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen also worked on Radium.

Harry Sintonen supplied some internal reqtools functions (enter and get password) which are used by the powerpacker.library. Georg added them to the CVS tree for him plus did some other fixed mentioned by Harry.

Johan Alfredsson improved CreateNewProc(). He also added a macro which tells if the current task is a task or a process and made all routines in DOS use this macro and integrated the first patches supplied by the MorphOS team !

The MorphOS team has made a lot of fixes in the dos.library and we're now getting patches back which are integrated into AROS thus making both projects better.

4.8.2001Georg Steger added scsidisk.h which is needed to compile AmiCDROM. He also told CVS to ignore a lot of generated files in the new contributed packages.

Henrik Berglund ported indent, a C source code formatter and the bytemark benchmark (contrib/aminet/util/moni/nbench/).

Sebastian Heutling added more libraries and devices to the native kernel. There is also now a target (bootiso-native-i386) to create an iso image (mkisofs) of the AROS directory (it's bootable but you still need a bootdisk after the kernel is loaded). To make this usable, he added the TD_CHANGE* commands to fdsk.device and created a mounlist for CD0.

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen worked on his camd.library.

28.7.2001Henning Kiel fixed the dependencies of realtime.library. He also renamed some types in the hidd library to avoid compiler errors. Object is now OOP_Object and Msg is OOP_Msg.

Henrik Berglund continued to port his archivers. Most should work now. He also fixed a bug in sed script and began porting the Bywater BASIC interpreter.

Sebastian Heutling changed some targets for oop, workbench and devs in AROS Native/x86 and began to port the AmiCDROM driver from AmiNET. He also found a long lurking bug in the new core (wrong action was taken after AttnResched was checked).

Georg Steger added support for auto-opening of gadtools.library and realtime.library.

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen began porting Radium, a note-based music editor.

24.7.2001Henning Kiel added bcmp() to our c.lib. The lines demo in contrib/fish/lines/ has now a "FAST/S" command line switch which disables the Delay(1) between drawing of two lines. Now it's fast.

Fabio Alemagna fixed a couple of bugs in DOS' segment handling. He also added the C:Resident command. The shell supports to add resident programs at runtime, now (in addition to the old builtins). He also added atexit() support to the c.lib.

Henrik Berglund continued to port FileMaster and began porting the LhA and zoo archiver and some unarchivers (unarj, unshar, unsit, untar, untgz).

Georg Steger wrote a better mmakefile file for FileMaster and fixed a bug in bzero().

Iain Templeton changed a lot of mmakefiles in order to implement his new build system. This brought up a bug in archtool which he fixed.

22.7.2001Henning Kiel improved the mmakefile for C:Format and made memspeed use the shared c.lib. He also fixed some bogous lib.conf files, endtag generation and archtool doesn't modify case when auto-filling in libbasetype and libbasetypeptr anymore. For now, shell commands cannot be stripped (don't survive that).

Sebastian Heutling fixed two bugs in trackdisk.device and optimized createNewEntry() in the AFFS code. Cause() and Enable() now use the code from Michael Schulz's new core.

Fabio Alemagna moved all shell commands into a subdirectory of their own. The ide.device has now complete 64bit support (which means we can support *large* harddisks :-) Also, more shell commands were converted to the new system. NIL: supports DupLock() now.

Iain Templeton fixed a couple of typos in the code, missing headers, etc. He also fixed more problems in the mmakefiles.

Georg Steger fixed a couple of warnings and a problem with Seek() in AFFS. Also, diskfont.library is now less dependent on the format of the fontname in the .font file.

19.7.2001Henning Kiel improved the build a bit (fixed paths were files are created, make sure that this path exists before files are created, etc). He also added "strip --strip-unneeded" for all programs which are installed on the bootdisk to be able to cram more on it (AROS binaries are very large because they still contain all symbols - stripping them makes them *much* smaller). Also, archtool creates now libdefs.h for all libraries. No need for the old AWK scripts anymore.

Fabio Alemagna made c.lib more stable (fputs() was often called with the arguments in the wrong order. Plus it won't crash when a NULL pointer is passed as argument). fputs() uses now FPutS() instead of FPutC() which speeds things up a lot plus other such optimizations.

Sebastian Heutling fixed a wrong checksum in newly created bitmapblocks. Plus the nightly build will create a bootdisk image and C:Install will be on that disk.

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen improved his camd.library. It now works the same way on AROS and on Amiga. He made FileMaster depend on BGUI so that BGUI gets compiled first and he tried to compile ScalosV2 but gave up :-)

Tobias Seiler worked on the mouse.hidd.

Bernd Gollesch reported a couple of typos in the code which were fixed and committed by Aaron Digulla. See, you don't need write access to the sources to fix bugs :-)

Thanks to Georg Steger, RAD: is now a NSD device. Auto-formats itself to OFS format. He also continued his work on FileMaster. Some of the asm files are now converted but it's a lot of (boring) work. He also fixed a bug in C:ResList.

Henrik Berglund added some programs from Aminet: unsqsh, unhqx, testdms, memspeed and compress.

17.7.2001Henning Kiel removed some obsolete files and fixed typos. He's premier candidate for the "AROS McClean Award" (or MakeClean) ;-) He fixed the build of hidd.library and removed some trailing junk in reqtools and some mmakefiles. And his Mine game will now save the Highscore in SYS:Prefs/Presets/.

Fabio Alemagna is following suit with removing unneeded variables in LDDemon. He also fixed a bug in AddDosNode(). C:Mount will now set the correct error code. And there is a deadlock less in RAM:. There is now a set of macros to make life much easier for people who have to write shell commands. The macros allow to use the same code to compile standalone commands and embedded commands (ie. things which are displayed as resident but are never loaded from disk). He converted a lot of commands in C: to use the new macros. And ports of AROS can now create LVO tables with and without JMP instructions (AROS */x86 uses tables without LVO but with the BINARY_COMPATIBLE flavour, JMP instructions must be present). Macros hide this, so the code which needs to work with LVOs doesn't have to worry.

Georg Steger added %make_common_setup in various mmakefiles and removed %make_vpath. And he fixed some stuff in RAM: which he wouldn't tell in the CVS log ;-) Instead, he made InternalLoadSeg() more verbose. Now it should tell on the console why an ERROR_OBJECT_WRONG_TYPE occured. We have now strpcpy(3). He also helped Henrik Berglund to port FileMaster.

Aaron Digulla improved the FAQ points 8, 18 and 21.

Henrik Berglund began porting FileMaster. He fixed a lot of warnings and errors in the code, so that the C code compiles. Only the assembler routines are left.

Johan Grip improved the trackdisk.device. We are now able to read the DSKCHG line without powering motor on some PCs. He's investigating why it doesn't work everywhere. Also, the ide.device won't scan the partition tables twice anymore.

Iain Templeton fixed a build conflict and fixed a lot of typos at various places.

Sebastian Heutling created a single-floppy bootdisk (contains the kernel and workbench files on one floppy disk) which boots with GRUB. This GRUB has support for AFFS. The build process was adjusted accordingly. And he fixed a couple of bugs in the AFFS.handler. There is also now a C:Install command which makes a floppy bootable using GRUB.

Henning Kiel fixed a typo in C:Unset(env).

Aaron Digulla updated the news :-) (I do that so seldom, now, that I thought I ought to mention it). I'll try to establish a bi-weekly cycle.

14.7.2001Fabio Alemagna improved the LDDemon a bit (removed unnecessary calls to Forbid()/Permit(), fixed the circular dependency problem and improved error handling). There is now support for IN:, OUT: and ERR: in Open() plus FMF_MODE flags and improved open() and fcntl() in c.lib. open() now works with pipes and he added a pipe-handler called pipefs.handler to the build. kprintf() supports now '*'. He implemented touch(1), so you can create named pipes without actually reading from or writing to them (ie. non-blocking). PIPEFS: is now mounted and PIPE: is an assign to PIPEFS:systempipe which makes unnamed pipes work :-) Our PIPEFS can even generate directories! He wrote putchar() (so GCC 3.0's printf() will work) and added support for io_DosName and io_DosNode.

Henning Kiel added more missing newlines and fixed a typo. FindDosEntry() won't print non-ASCII chars anymore (so the console won't get corrupted anymore) and the end-tag files are now generated on $(OBJDIR).

Stefan Berger removed the "good old complicated layers" and improved his Palm port (more of c.lib exists, global variables are handled better and there is now a dummy m.lib so -lm will not fail). He improved his loader program, fixed a bug in the new pipe.handler and replaced m68k with m68000 at several places.

Iain Templeton improved the build process a bit, added a macro which returns the ETask ID field, improved (Un)LoadSeg() and AbortIO() and fixed the misuse of USER_CFLAGS in a lot of mmakefiles.

11.7.2001Henrik Berglund ported three archivers to AROS (undms, unlzx and ppunpack).

Fabio Alemagna improved more libraries and added another macro to call library functions to the arossupport.library. He also removed some asm statements in the x86 native core so gcc-3.0 doesn't complain. He also fixed a deadlock in lddemon which loads libraries from disk.

Georg Steger added the Parallax demo to the build and fixed a bug in Intuition (some functions were not thread safe). He also implemented ASL??_PrivateIDCMP handling in the asl.library. He also fixed the building of the camd.library (broke with the new macro by Fabio Alemagna). And we have now a little Bomberman clone Georg found on the web.

Kjetil Svalastog began fixing a problem in the libinit of camd.library (waiting is not allowed in libinit).

Henning Kiel made sure that the HIDD prefs are installed (tells AROS which hidds to use; will probably become automated at a later time).

8.7.2001Fabio Alemagna added support for generating stub functions for shared libraries. He also added missing AROS_USERFUNC_INIT/AROS_USERFUNC_EXIT at various places. Also handling of the QUAD data type was improved.

Henning Kiel fixed more missing newlines at EOF and added support for gmtime() in the shared version of c.lib. He also ported a lot of contrib stuff to autoinit.lib and the new shared c.lib.

Tobias Seiler made PC keyboards working no matter if is connected to the aux (PS/2) port or not and no matter if there is mouse connected or not.

Georg Steger fixed a bug in DiskObjIO() and CloseWindowSafely() in reqtools and asl.

Sebastian Heutling improved the HDToolBox tool and fixed a couple of bugs in the trackdisk and ide drivers and the afs.handler.

5.7.2001Stefan Berger worked on his Palm port. He ported part of the libgcc1 which contains the 32bit operations which are not supported by m68000 CPUs.

Fabio Alemagna committed a helper library which opens all necessary libraries which are used in an AROS program (like DOS, Intuition, etc). He has also committed a shared version of the c.lib. He adapted some utilites in C: to use the new autoinit.library and did a lot of small optimizations saving almost 1MB in the final executable sizes. Using the shared version of the c.lib is now the default.

Henning Kiel added all the missing newlines at the end of the new files. He then helped Fabio to make more tools use the new shared c.lib.

Iain Templeton added a couple more header files defined by the ISO standard.

2.7.2001Henning Kiel added Freetype, rexx and some gfx utils to the standard build. He also fixed a lot of warnings in windowtool from FishDisks.

Georg Steger fixed a bug in fdsk.device and he added a ramdisk.device (RAD:) based on fdsk.device. He also added proper deadkey handling in MapRawKey() and fixed a linker problem in windowtool. windowtool works now.

29.6.2001Georg Steger fixed the handling of Esc in string gadgets and added a call to StackSwap() in the long/string/ezrequest Requesters as the original reqtools.library does.

Sebastian Heutling added the option --enable-serial-debug to configure for AROS Native/x86. This builds a version of AROS which sends all debug output the the serial interface. Use it with care because it slows AROS down a lot at the moment. He also improved his HDToolBox tool and fixed a bug in the ide driver and the Amiga Filesystem.

Stefan Berger continued to improve the AROS Palm/Native. He added a small tool to upload AROS onto the Palm and start it. See the ReadMe in AROS/config/palm-native/ for details.

24.6.2001Sebastian Heutling began to write HDToolBox. Only PC-Partition tables are supported - be careful, use it only with harddisks which doesn't contain important information.

Fabio Alemagna implemented more functions for c.lib (fstat(), isatty()) and fixed a few bugs. He also began porting gzip.

18.6.2001Georg Steger added escaping of # with "'" in DOS pattern matching. He also fixed a memory trash in Reqtools.

Henning Kiel fixed all missing newlines.

Sebastian Heutling committed a missing file for the new x86 kernel. Workbench and contrib are now compiled as well for AROS Native/x86.

11.6.2001Fabio Alemagna began writing a Unix-like virtual filesystem. This will allow to use Unix programs on AROS which expect Unix-like paths (ie. ".." instead of "/" to go up and "." instead of "" for the current directory). He also implemented all directory handling functions (readdir(), etc).

Stefan Berger protected some critical parts in the setup of the parallel and serial.devices with Disable()/Enable() pairs.

Sebastian Heutling improved the native build: Header files of the AROS Native/x86 flavour are now only copied if this is actually built (otherwise, these headers can overwrite the ones which AROS should use for the current flavour :-)

3.6.2001Henning Kiel began to port ADFLib and he wrote a tool to create a diskimage with it. Also, the build process copies includes silently now (much less output during the build). He also fixed a lot of missing newlines at the end of a lot of files which the latest GCC doesn't like anymore (rightly so).

Georg Steger ported Typeface, a font editor from Aminet. He also fixed a problem with very large menus.

Fabio Alemagna implemented a lot more functions of c.lib. He also improved AROS' UAE port. UAE now works completely. This means that you can run your old software on AROS if a bit slow.

Sebastian Heutling merged the new core for AROS Native/x86 which Michael Schulz began before he left to work in France. He also commited some extra file to create a bootable disk with GRUB.

30.5.2001Stefan Berger commited some boot code for AROS Native/Palm.

Henning Kiel fixed some compiler warnings and a real bug in c.lib, workbench and Font prefs.

26.5.2001I'm (Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla) in sunny Italy while I write this. Last year, it was almost impossible to find an internet cafe here on Ischia (it took me three days to look it up). This year, there are lots of them and there is PuTTY, a self-contained SSH client for Windows so I can even do secure system admin :-) Technology begins to show its nice sides ;-)

Stefan Berger has begun to port AROS on the Palm device. Yes, in a few weeks, you can not only loose all your appointments, notes and contacts but you can also take AROS with you ! Horray ;-)

Johan Alfredsson fixed a typo in the IDE driver.

Iain Templeton removed all unused tools (hpp, modtool and xil).

25.5.2001Stefan Berger fixed a problem with compiling RawDoFmt() for m68k using a cross compiler.

Tobias Seiler added a small test program for GTLayout.

18.5.2001Henning Kiel implemented system() call. He began porting POVray, "The Persistence of Vision Ray tracer".

Georg Steger cleaned the sources for the menu task. The task will now show up as "« Menu Handler »" in the task list. Verify actions (SIZEVERIFY, etc) are now handled inside of intuition because because apps can create gadgets which make these functions accessible to the user and these gadgets need not be BOOPSI gadgets. The window size of the new Parallax demo can now be set by command line arguments. The functions in debugmem.c do nothing if __DONT_USE_DEBUGMEM__ is defined.

Sebastian Heutling fixed the problem that mouse and keyboard were dead after a reset of AROS Native/x86. The mouse does now work in VMware.

Iain Templeton began his huge effort to clean the AROS build so that someone eventually might understand what is going on ;-) He also updated the FreeBSD port, made dos.library depend less on intuition.library (DOS will open intuition.library only when it needs it; this should allow to use DOS even when intuition is not present).

13.5.2001Sebastian Heutling added NSD (New Style Device) support to the FFS handler. This allows to use harddisks with more then 4GB. He also added code to setup a semaphore in the mouse driver for AROS Native/x86 and he redirected the debug output of AROS Native/x86 to the second COM port. During boot, AROS Native/x86 will now print "Please insert Disk" when it cannot find a device from which it can boot.

Georg Steger fixed the order of arguments of a call to WindowLimits() in the ReqTools library. He also found another bug in memmove() (yes, another one :-) And we have a new demo: Parallax (parallax scrolling with unlimited number of layers).

Henning Kiel implemented getcwd() and began implementing setvbuf() and related functions.

9.5.2001Michael Schulz has left the project because of increasing workload. The AROS team wishes him good luck :-) As one of his last actions, he has committed his latest work, the unfinished new core for AROS Native/i386.

Georg Steger removed an illegal character in a warning statement which broke the nightly builds.

6.5.2001Georg Steger disabled some more debug output, optimized drawing of a resizes console window, added support for the WAIT argument in the console filename, fixed a typo in stdio.h and fopen(). And he implemented more CSI sequences and fixed some existing ones. RAW mode is mostly implemented (WaitForChar() doesn't work, yet). MicroEmacs from the Fish disks works now.
3.5.2001Fabio Alemagna fixed a couple more bugs in and around collect-aros. He implemented more functions of the ANSI C library and fixed a couple of defines in DOOM which broke the nightly build.

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla added two new ideas to the Ideas section.

Georg Steger improved the console.handler, building of ReqTools (will now be strippped for smaller files) and a couple of warnings. He added a new semaphore to Intuition which protects the input handler. Ctrl-\ will now produce the correct code (and will send EOF to a running shell as on the Amiga). Note: On a PC-105 keyboard, you need only press Ctrl-\, not Ctrl-Alt-\ even if you must press Alt to get a simple "\". Then he started implementing the SET/RESET RAWKEY EVENTS command sequence. You can close a shell window now by clicking on the close gadget.

Sebastian Heutling ported disk/misc/Format64 from Aminet. He improved his AFS handler so formatting works now (we don't suggest that you try this with a partition, yet, though. Maybe it works but don't blame us).

30.4.2001Georg Steger fixed a very strange problem which corrupted the expansion.library on AROS Native/x86.

Peter Eriksson enhanced the calculator and WiMP tool.

Fabio Alemagna wrote a linker wrapper for AROS which makes building more simple. The new wrapper allows for autoinit code (which can setup data structures and open libraries). The new autoinit code is used to setup the structures needed for malloc() and free(), for example.

28.4.2001Peter Eriksson committed version 0.8 of the Font preferences which fix a major memory allocation bug.

Fabio Alemagna implemented lseek() and fixed a couple of problems with fseek() and the SEEK_* macros.

Johan Alfredsson continued to work on dropzones for AppWindows and fixed a BSTR problem in the IDE driver and the trackdisk.device.

Sebastian Heutling improved C:Mount but there is something else wrong, too. He fixed a bug in the AFS handler.

Georg Steger fixed a typo in filehandler.h. There is no need for a x86 specific amiga.lib anymore, so he removed these parts from the makefiles. Activating an active gadget will do nothing, now. He cleaned the sources for our checkbox gadget, fixed a deadlock in the AFS handler and fixed the calculation of the width of the underscore in ReqTools.

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla committed docs for the XML-like markup which is used in AROS sources and documentation files and fixes for typos reported by Andrea Baron.

Henning Kiel imported libpng 1.0.10 and added the necessary files to make it compile on AROS.

26.4.2001Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla fixed a couple of typos on the web site. Also, pages are now only generated anew if the source files are newer then the HTML file.

Georg Steger provided missing files (generated on AROS) and instructions how to compile ReqTools on AmigaOS. He also fixed a missing semaphore in StripFont() and enhanced the ReqTools demo (the font requester will now also display styles). And he fixed a crash in Quake.

Fabio Alemagna reimplemented c.lib files handling. AROS' c.lib uses an array now to store file descriptors. And we have perror(), now.

Henning Kiel implemented rename() (c.lib).

25.4.2001Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla has converted the Exec list functions to the new archive format. They show up in the AutoDocs section of the web site. There is still some way to go, though. The plans are to put the overview of these things in the header of the source archive so later, something like the RKRMs can be generated.

Georg Steger fixed some more bugs in the Amiga backport of Reqtools. It should work fine on both systems, now. The emulation handler which maps a directory tree of the host OS installs itself now as EMU:. A lot of BSTR-bugs were fixed. And he disabled some debug output and make RawPutChar() reentrant on Unix.

21.4.2001Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla ported the contents files which explain the contents of the AROS source tree to the new web site. Also a new version of the FAQ is now online.

Georg Steger implemented FSA_CHANGE_SIGNAL so breaking processes with Ctrl-C/D/E/F should now be possible and he fixed a bug in LDDemon.

Johan Alfredsson improved WaitPkt() and started to work on AppWindow and AppIcon support in the workbench.library.

Sebastian Heutling fixed a bug in the trackdisk.device and in the AmigaFileSystem. Native should now boot again.

Fabio Alemagna implemented the environment handling functions of c.lib.

18.4.2001Iain Templeton made datatypes.library build when linked against a version of c.lib/amiga.lib which contains debug code. AllocSignal() spends now less time in Forbid(). Using an uninitialized semaphore will now throw an AN_SemCorrupt alert. And he improved the code of Procure() and Vacate.

Fabio Alemagna added a new tool which allows to do something similar to DICE's __autoinit__ feature (call functions automatically at startup). This allows AROS' startup code to automatically open all libraries which are used by a program.

Henning Kiel and Fabio Alemagna began to implement all missing functions of the ANSI C library.

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla continued to work on the web site. All thumbnails are generated automatically, so they were deleted in the CVS. All screenshots were sorted into subdirectories to allow automatic generation of the screenshots page. Plus many pages have now Tables of Contents and a lot of old docs were ported.

Peter Eriksson has improved his Font preferences. Now it has all the menus of the original (except for "Create Icons?").

17.4.2001Biggest news is of course our new web site. Some things which were on the old page are still missing but the new design makes it up for you, I hope :-) The missing old stuff and the new AutoDocs should be up, soon. Have fun !
12.4.2001Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla proposed a new archive format for C sources. This archive format is used to generate the AutoDocs, the clib/proto/pragma/etc header files and the C sources for Amiga libraries from a single set of files plus allow AROS to replace specific functions of the AmigaOS with special ones for certain hardware.

Iain Templeton improved some makefiles, fixed missing includes and did other cleanup.

Henning Kiel updated the C version of archtool to work with the new format and he improved building of libraries a bit.

Fabio Alemagna began to port UAE to AROS so we can at least run Amiga binaries slowly.

Johan Alfredsson improved AddAppIconA().

11.4.2001Georg Steger made duplicate font entries (for fonts which are in RAM and on disk) disappear in the ASL font requester.
7.4.2001Lars Bischoff cleaned the code for DisplayBeep() so all screens beep at the same time, now :-)

Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla committed some more stuff for the new web site.

Georg Steger made additional changes to the build system for libraries with strange names and base types. He also fixed the problem with the race condition in IPrefs (with some help from Johan Alfredsson :-).

3.4.2001Iain Templeton added some macros for the GDB debugger to list things like libraries, devices, tasks etc. We can use lib.conf now to build datatypes and gadget types. Also, shared memory is now reused. This solves a nasty memory leak since shared memory is not freed when AROS crashes (the system has no idea if some other process might still need it in the future). And he improved the implementation of LDDemon (loads shared libraries from disk).

Peter Eriksson committed a first version of "Font" Preferences.

Henning Kiel continued in his quest to make AROS compile with GCC 2.95.3 and up.

Johan Grip cleaned the code for his IDE device.

Mario Cassani committed sources for REXX from which he intents to build our version of ARexx.

After a long abstinence, Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla began to fill in the missing gaps for the new AROS website. Stay tuned !

Georg Steger made the startup code use the new Font prefs and added some more functions to the c.lib and improved the build system so it can handle the strange combination of library name, base type and library base of, for example, rexxsyslib.library. Then he fixed some problems with the new REXX code so it compiles on AROS. Doesn't link, yet but it compiles.

31.3.2001Henning Kiel converted a few files in MSDOS format to Amiga/Unix format (CR/LF -> LF).

Johan Alfredsson fixed a bug in vsscanf() which made it in the code because the prototype didn't use const char * for the format string. He also fixed some bugs with BSTR handling in the DOS.library. Plus C:Mount uses now the expansion.library to add dos entries for mounted volumes.

Sebastian Heutling enhanced the boot code. Now all known devices are checked for bootable media. Also, our FFS can now mount more than once device. The trackdisk.device uses now trackbuffering.

Stefan Berger fixed a build problem with AROS Native/x86.

Georg Steger moved boopsi.library back into intuition.library. We had moved it out to use it as the base class for our HIDD system but it was not powerful enough. Now we have our own oop.library which does a much better job.

28.3.2001Johan Grip made the IDE driver read in the MBR and add all partitions of type 0x30 as BootNodes, so AROS can now boot from a harddisk partition. The IDE device is now a compile time option. When it is enabled, AROS will try to boot without waiting for the user to press return.

Bernardo Innocenti found that the code includes some system header files when it shouldn't and fixed that. Also, he deleted the old intuition_driver which is not needed anymore (we have our own intuition, now).

Code in Intuition used code in amiga.lib which contains global variables. Georg Steger fixed that and a bug in ReadArgs().

Johan Alfredsson enhanced mount to create a FileSysStartupMsg when mounting a filesystem.

26.3.2001Stefan Berger committed the sources for gtlayout.library and improved archtool further. He also added some stubs for the pool functions in exec which old code (for example, the gtlayout.library) expect. Seems like we need a way to "deprecate" an API :-) He began to port gtlayout.library to AROS.

Georg Steger committed an AVI anim with a rotating floppy disk.

And some statistics: We have almost completed 75% of the original AmigaOS. 138 developers are registered. At the time of writing, the AROS sources were 55 MB (that includes all changes ever made to AROS) and we have 38.5 MB of contributed software (also with changes) plus several MB of screenshots.

23.3.2001Johan Alfredsson fixed the emulation of ACTION_ADD_NOTIFY, ACTION_REMOVE_NOTIFY and ACTION_MAKE_LINK.

Stefan Berger continued to improve archtool and comitted the sources for shutdown.library from Aminet.

AROS now boots into the shell instead of waiting in SAD for the user to start it. With the floppy code, you can now boot AROS from a floppy disk and actually do something useful with it :-) Horay !

20.3.2001Georg Steger wrote a mmakefile.src for BGUI prefs.

Peter Eriksson began work on Font prefs.

Johan Grip added a MultiBoot compliant header for GRUB and fixed the problem with the intialization of the ide.device. AROS can now boot from a HD partition !

Georg Steger improved the oop.library which is the base of our HIDD system and two mmakefiles for BGUI. Next, he fixed a bug in the mouse detection code which made the keyboard freeze and made the ide.hidd compile on Linux 2.4.

Stefan Berger fixed BUG 00080 (cd into a file) and added a new bug in C:Which.

Przemysław Szczygielski made tools in C: compile for AROS Native/i386.

Sebastian Heutling fixed a bug in the trackdisk driver for AROS Native/i386.

17.3.2001Johan Alfredsson finished DoPkt(). He also fixed ACTION_FIND#? and ACTION_END.

Stefan Berger finished AbortPkt() and the mmakefiles for BGUI so it compiles for AROS Native/i386. He marked all bugs as fixed which are fixed now. He also reordered the TODO list.

Iain Templeton added some new bugs. The build process will now say what is not implemented in emul_handler. He removed some old code from Intuition.library and improved the init code of console and input.device and exec.library. He removed a lot of CVS log headers from files in dos.library.


Georg Steger fixed a deadlock in ExtendFont(). The X11.hidd now uses dos.library to read the x11keymaptable. The rendering of text to a bitmap.hidd is now protected by a semaphore. And he improved the ASL font requester.

14.3.2001Sebastian Heutling made AROS reboot if it cannot read from floppy disk (so you can now change the disks and boot if the wrong disk was in the drive).

Johan Alfredsson finished the packet emulation. We should now be able to run old software which uses DOS packets.

Georg Steger fixed a bug in the gtmultiselect demo, the graphics emulation (ghosting of gadgets) and the gameport.device. There is now some intellimouse support. He improved the mouse driver further.

Jonathan Perkin improved configure for FreeBSD (make sure we use GNU make).

Iain Templeton made the LVOs more simple: Instead of using JMP , AROS just stores the destination addess in the LVO table. Since we use macros for all this stuff, he had just 8 lines to change. He also fixed a bug for non-Linux systems.

11.3.2001Georg Steger continued his conquest to kill unecessary debug output. Good luck ! locale.library can now patch dos.library to use the correct locale. And he fixed a bug on Examine(). He added localization support to asl.library.

Stefan Berger improved PS/2 support (mouse/keyboard). Next, he began to work on an improved version of archtool.

Johan Alfredsson improved the packet emulation system (DOS packet to Exec IORequest mapper).

Peter Eriksson added a swedish catalog to asl.library and dos.library.

Przemysław Szczygielski improved the polish (polski) catalogs.

9.3.2001Georg Steger made sure that windows don't get closed while menus of them are still open. Clicking on the screen bar doesn't make the current window inactive anymore. And he fixed a small bug in our port of DOpus. The stack is now 40K instead of 8K (just to prevent stupid crashes until we have some good stack extending code). Some debug output was disabled and a problem with refreshes on X11 was improved. Tagbases are now the same as on AmigaOS. There are now german catalogs for dos.library.

Stefan Berger made the floppy drive recognition code work reliable. He also improved mouse support and the serial and parallel.hidd.

Iain Templeton updated the FreeBSD port of AROS and fixed a bug in the console.device.

Henning Kiel improved cpak, a tool to make compilation faster (all .c sources for a library are concatenated into one large file and that is then compiled).

7.3.2001Sebastian Heutling has created some floppy images for AROS (a boot image with the kernel and a boot floppy with an FFS filesystem from which you can run gtdemo). You can find the images with a README at or at Sebastians site at
5.3.2001Georg Steger fixed a couple of bugs in the initialization code of AROS Linux/x86 and AROS Native/x86. Also commands with input redirection in shell script should work now. C:ConClip is now started in the Startup-Sequence. Global variables are now in the BSS segment and get initialized manually, so they have a defined value after a reset (otherwise, they would be initilized once and keep their value after a reset). And a bug in the menu handling in intuition was fixed.

Iain Templeton fixed a bug in text.datatype, added some new alerts for our HIDD system and made sure that some more temporary files are created in the build rather than in the source tree.

1.3.2001Stefan Berger fixed the smearing in DrawGList().

Georg Steger fixed some more ULONGs that should have been IPTRs and the depth calculations for AROS' screens on X11. Relative mousemovements are now confined to the screen borders and two apps can now render text at the same time without trashing the screen.

Johan Alfredsson fixed some bugs in the Dos.library and finished C:Copy. ENVARC: is now copied to ENV: in the startup sequence so saved prefs survive a reset.

Henning Kiel hunted a lot of spelling errors down.

Sebastian Heutling made our new filesystem compile when AROS Native/i386 is built. The new native kernel now includes a filesystem ! Soon, we'll be able to do something with AROS when it runs standalone :-) Also, the floppy drives are now searched for bootable floppy disks. And some bugs in the filesystem were fixed.

Peter Eriksson added Swedish translation for Locale Preferences.

25.2.2001Georg Steger finished Locale preferences. Have a look in our screenshots !! Definitely worth a look :-) There is now a demo on how to use the cool_buttonclass from his coolimages lib. XaoS depends on topaz/8 font, so it didn't work correctly anymore, because we use a proportional font now.

Johan Alfredsson fixed a bug in C:SetKeyboard and RAM handler. IPrefs can now use notification in ENV:Sys/ to update preferences.

Thanks to Stefan Berger, one can now abort packets sent to filesystems.

22.2.2001Georg Steger implemented FindCliProc() and brought the workbench background pattern back. There is now a tool to install a pattern. Locking of Open/CloseWorkbench() should be correct now. He also committed a batch of new screenshots ! Here you can see our first preferences program: Locale. There is now a linklib with some icons (used, for example, by ASL).

Johan Alfredsson finished record locking (mostly untested because we have no filesystem which supports locking, yet).

Lars Bischoff cleaned S:Startup-Sequence. S:User-Startup is now supported.

Sebastian Heutling improved his filesystem (removed a lot of global variables).

Stefan Berger began to work on a packet IO system emulator. As you might know, DOS uses DosPackets to talk to filesystems while any other system on the AmigaOS uses Exec IORequests. Therefore, AROS uses IORequests for filesystems, too (because they are much more clean in design). Now you can port AmigaOS code which relies on packets and it will work.

18.2.2001Johan Alfredsson began work on record locking and fixed a notification bug in RAM handler.

Sebastian Heutling fixed a bug in his filesystem (extending a new file didn't always work).

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen improved his CAMD/MIDI library.

Georg Steger added a demo for a register tab gadget. He also committed an ILBM->C converter so we can put images in our software (for example, the map of Earth in the locale preferences).

15.2.2001Georg Steger wrote the locale sensitve StrToDate replacement and made IPrefs install them. The workbench screen title is now "Workbench Screen" as it should be. Also some bugs which the test code showed in the date<->string conversion where squished by him. Lastly, he added some scripts to start Doom with a certain amount of players using his netlocal routines. Makes a nice running demo for AROS :-)

Johan Alfredsson completed notifications support.

12.2.2001Sebastian Heutling fixed the seek() code in his filesystem and he implemented FSA_DISK_INFO.

Georg Steger fixed a lot of wrong types in the tools in C: (in AROS, you must pass an IPTR, not an ULONG if something can contain a pointer and an int). He also fixed the sequence of parameters for hooks in locale.library and implemented locale's replacement of Exec's RawDoFmt(). IPrefs now installs this patch. That made DirOpus crash, but he found and fixed that bug immediately. A global semaphore in IPrefs now protects the patches IPrefs installs so they are installed only once if IPrefs is started more than once. IPrefs will now patch utility.library locale sensitive replacements for string functions (Stricmp(), ToLower(), etc) and dos.library (DateToStr()). Filenames for languages now have their proper accents.

Johan Alfredsson continued his work on the notification code.

Sven Drieling summarized the m68k-emulator thread. When this works out, it might be possible to run Amiga code unmodified on AROS.

8.2.2001Georg Steger continued in his quest to improve all demos we have plus the code in AROS which used by the demos. He also improved catalog loading and fixed a bug in diskfont.library (in libclose). Next, he added some mountlist entries for our new filesystem and began to work in IPrefs.

Sebastian Heutling fixed a bug in his FFS code.

Henning Kiel made his WiMP tool font sensitive.

Stefan Berger fix a bug in parallel and serial.device.

Johan Alfredsson improved a lot of code which is now used because we have a filesystem (for example, C:Info shows now the volumes). Notification should now work with the RAM handler.

5.2.2001Georg Steger fixed a couple of bugs in the graphics.library (AreaFill) and improved locale a bit (if no language could be loaded, say that english, which is compiled in, is being used). He also improved some old demos from Fish disks and fixed some bugs in exec semaphores and c.lib/sscanf(). While improving the fish disk demos, he found a design fault in MathFFP (sometimes, ULONG is used and sometimes float). Lastly, he improved the bool gadgets, added support for the suomi language.

Stefan Berger helped to discover the MathFFP design fault.

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen improved camd.library.

Michael Schulz improved the boot code for AROS i386/Native. The AROS kernel can now be upto 1.2MB (err, no, AROS doesn't need that much. It's just that we have no filesystem, yet, and therefore cannot load any libraries from disk, so for the time being, they must be compiled in :-)

Sebastian Heutling commited our first filesystem. Since we haven't got the sources for SFS as we hoped, our first filesystem is FFS.

3.2.2001Georg Steger added the country specific files for all countries which are supported by the AmigaOS and some more languages. In the last few days, he made also many demo programs from Aminet, Fish Disks and other sources work much better (or at all :-).

Stefan Berger finished GetLanguageSelection() in lowlevel.library.

Johan Alfredsson improved realtime.library and Swedish locale files.

31.1.2001Georg Steger improved CreateNewProc() and implemented the "open options" for console windows (AUTO/INACTIVE/NOSIZE/etc). He also fixed a bug in the LD-Demon and some bugs related to DefaultPubScreen handling. There is now C:SetDefaultFont with which you can set the default font for the system (AROS uses a much nicer font now than the default Topaz/8). The code in Intuition has been improved to use this font. Also, AROS will not open the boot shell anymore if the Startup-Sequence doesn't print anything. SetLocale now opens the specified prefs file plus some a lot of bugfixes in locale.library. Lastly, he added a lot of font-sensitive code in various places.

Notification is implemented but there is no filesystem which supports it, yet. I sure hope that we get the SFS sources, soon !

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen finished the port for PlayMF (compiles now without error) and fixed a couple of typos on the MIDI include files. Next, he ported Fireworks, a tool by Christian Buchner that displays the MIDI data processed by camd nicely.

27.1.2001Georg Steger improved the default stack size handling and fixed a couple of refresh related bugs in Intuition. He made user specified fonts work correctly with ASL requesters, various gadgets and MultiView. He also fixed Ctrl-C/D/E/F breaking in CON: windows.

Stefan Berger added code which allows to scale a layer (ie. zoom into it :-). Check the winshape and roundshape demo (use +/- to zoom it; it's slow, though).

Johan Alfredsson finished realtime.library and committed a demo for the library to test it.

Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen committed a MIDI player (PlayMF from Aminet) which allows to test the camd.library. He also fixed some bugs in realtime.library.

Joerg Dietrich backported MultiView to the Amiga and began working on V44 datatypes and improved his picture.datatype.

21.1.2001Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen fixed a couple of bugs in the new camd.library and wrote an example MIDI driver for it. Johan Alfredsson began work on the last datatypes.library function (LaunchToolA()).

Georg Steger fixed a really very old bug in the task switching core of AROS (FPU context wasn't correctly saved).

17.1.2001Johan Alfredsson completed C:Run and Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen commited a first version of a camd.library (MIDI) and fixed a few bugs in realtime.library.
15.1.2001Georg Steger fixed a bug (moving&sizing a window at the same time) in the new layers.library and improved font copying by the build process. Johan Alfredsson improved C:Run. Henning Kiel fixed a couple of bugs in his games.
12.1.2001Adam Chodorowski made C:Ping compile (it would work if there were a TCP/IP stack :-). Also, the About window of LoadWB shows the AROS license now. Georg Steger improved the Graphics.HIDD, font handling, DOpus and DataTypes. He and Johan Alfredsson fixed the RAW: bug in console.device.
9.1.2001Aaron Digulla fixed a bug which broke the nightly builds and Michael Schulz began to commit the new AROS Native/i386 core. AROS uses now GRUB to boot. Georg Steger began to implement the ASL Font requester. He and Johan Alfredsson also fixed a few compiler warnings. To test the new font requester, Georg committed some PD TrueType fonts. Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg improved the ideas for a MMU.HIDD.
6.1.2001Johan Alfredsson improved C:Info and FPutC() and fixed a bug in DOS. Flavio Stanchina improved INSTALL.amiga and Adam Chodorowski worked a bit in the new socket.library. He committed the network includes from OpenBSD 2.7, so we at least have an interface definition for a 100% compatible TCP/IP stack. Only the stack itself is still missing :-) Iain Templeton made AROS compile on FreeBSD again, Johan Alfredsson completed C:NewShell, Georg Steger fixed a bug in MultiView, the text.datatype and Intuition. Lars Bischoff added support for hi- and true-color screens in DisplayBeep().

Adam Chodorowski committed some tools from the GPL:ed AmiTCP-3.0b sources as found on AmiNET and used these to fix bugs in the new network includes. bsdsocket.library compiles now without errors but still doesn't do anything useful. Georg Steger made the new layers.library a bit more compatible with the AmigaOS and Henning Kiel fixed a bug with DisplayBeep().

3.1.2001Adam Chodorowski ported the new V44+ prefs header files to AROS. Georg Steger and Flavio Stanchina fixed a couple of bugs. Johan Alfredsson committed C:Eval and Henning Kiel added the neccessary code to compile it. They also fixed some more bugs in the docs and DOS.
1.1.2001Happy New Year, everyone ! :-)

Adam Chodorowski began to hunt a bug in RAW: and committed a skeleton for a skeleton for bsdsocket.library. The includes are there but all functions are empty. Then, he improved his LoadWB command. Henning Kiel helped him and then fixed all the lint in the docs (email addresses, etc). Georg Steger began to improve the RAW mode of the console. Johan Alfredsson fixed a bug in the c.lib and C:Dir.

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